Junk Drawer: Movies That Need a Sequel


Anastasia: “Red Eye”

If you haven’t seen the movie “Red Eye,” well, I’m not going to recommend it. The movie ended with the villain, Jackson Rippner, surviving every attempt the protagonist, Lisa Reisert, made to kill him. And let me tell you, he went through a lot. He got stabbed in the neck with a pen, hit in the head a few times and got shot a couple of times, in addition to some other things. I think it would be totally plausible for him to escape from whatever prison he’s in to have his revenge. In fact, he could probably seek his revenge from prison. I don’t expect any sequel of this movie to be good, but I would be eager to see what could be made.

Austin: “District 9”

Back in 2009, Neill Blomkamp made a huge mark on the sci-fi world with his debut film “District 9.” The premise of the film involves aliens arriving on Earth to find refuge from their planet, which is dying. These aliens, dubbed Prawns, have been on Earth for 35 years and have been separated from humans in a South African slum area dubbed District 9. MNU, the company that manages these aliens, wants to harness their advanced tech and could care less about their well-being, but when Wikus, a field agent, catches a mysterious virus from their tech, he’s forced to hide from his own corporation in District 9. The film has been highly regarded by audiences and critics alike and brought great uniqueness to the sci-fi genre.  I myself love the messages within the film, intense action and fantastic debut performance from Sharlto Copely as Wikus Van De Merwe. The overall look and feel of the film was also fantastic, and I feel that the conclusion of the film warrants a further exploration of Wikus’s character arch as well as to see what inevitably occurs with the Prawn species. Neill’s further work has always held a certain message, and I think with a sequel he could even further expand upon that and also continue Wikus’s story. I can only hope we can return to District 9 or maybe… District 10?

Ben: “Inception”

“Inception” is a film that was meant for sequels, yet here we are six years later and not one whisper of future projects for one of the greatest science-fiction films ever. While I understand that Christopher Nolan wants to maintain the philosophical ambiguity of the ending with the not/spinning top, sequels wouldn’t need to include Leonardo DiCaprio or Joseph Gordon-Levitt (sad but true). Dreams have infinite possibilities, and so each movie could follow a new set of characters into someone’s mind. What would be amazing is if each film was a different style, like a western set underwater or a futuristic fantasy with space dragons. With “Inception” anything is possible; the only limit is your imagination.

Samantha: “Kate and Leopold”

This romantic comedy starred Meg Ryan and a young Hugh Jackman following the story of a 19th century duke who gets transported to 21st century New York. A modern business woman ends up falling for him, and I won’t give away any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it, although I will say Hugh Jackman rides a horse through Central Park with a screaming Meg Ryan and it’s wonderful. But a sequel would have been lovely, if only to see more of the 19th-century costumes and Hugh Jackman being a duke. I’m not sure how the story would go, but I’m a sucker for time-traveling romance. And even if it would have been terrible, I’m sure I still would have watched it if only for the sake of nostalgia.


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