Quiz:What Fall Activity Should You Do?


Autumn has arrived! Apples, pumpkins, leaves, stylish boots and scarves—all within temperatures that don’t boil your insides or turn you into a frostbitten Eggo. So here is a quiz that will help determine what activity you should do before this flitting season disappears!

1. Without thinking too hard, which of these is your favorite color?

A. Yellow

B. Blue

C. Red

2. Pick an accessory:

A. Hat

B. Scarf

C. Sunglasses

3. What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

A. Crisp mornings

B. The seasonal treats and flavors (Pumpkin Spice, anyone?)

C. The fashion!

4. Of these rainy day activities, which is your favorite?

A. Reading a book

B. Watching the rain

C. Perfect napping weather

5. Now to stimulate your olefactory senses. Pick a smell:

A. Apple anything

B. Freshly baked pumpkin pie

C. Fallen leaves

6. People would describe you as:

A. Adventurous and open-minded

B. Comforting and warm

C. A friend you can do anything with.

7. What is your Starbucks drink of choice this season?

A. Frappuccino

B. Pumpkin Spice Latte all the way

C. Cafe au Lait


If you got Mostly A’s: Go to an Apple Orchard! A classic fall activity for those who can’t get enough of that sunshine and cool air, plus there’s plenty of sweet treats to bring home. You may also want to check out a corn maze or two and pick a pumpkin while you’re at it. Best to hurry, though, as Wisconsin tends to keep autumn’s visits brief.

If you got Mostly B’s: Get Cozy! Fall is a time for blankets, bonfires and baking. You may be the type who likes a cup of tea on a misty, overcast day wrapped in a blanket while reading a book. I can relate, that sounds like my kind of day. Perhaps you can steal some apples from your Mostly A friend and bake a pie. Or cake, or cookies. Either way, you love this season and can’t help but smile when greeted with autumn activities.

If you got Mostly C’s: Shop Til You Drop! But not really, because that would be unhealthy. Shop a healthy amount, please. Shop responsibly. You’re always in tune with the fashions of the season and perhaps some boots or scarves or sweaters have been calling your name. Take a trip to the mall with some pals and revel in the leaf decorations that cover nearly everything. Maybe grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte for your Mostly B friend and a light-up pumpkin for your Mostly A friend.


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