Stay Healthy, Have Fun.


Most students have heard of the freshman fifteen and will say it in a joking manner, but without exercise, wouldn’t it be true? Very often, students cannot find time between classes, homework or hanging out with friends to exercise. Luckily, at St. Norbert College, there are many ways that you can get active in a free and fun way with your friends.

The most popular way to exercise is running, but for those students that are not into running, there is a seven-week walking program. This program is organized with teams of people who use a pedometer or app on a device. The steps of each person are added up as the weeks go on. The goal of the program is for each member of the team to get 10,000 steps or 30-60 minutes of exercise each day. For those students who have a serious interest in technology, this program has a virtual option of taking 360 degree tours online to view the participation of your team.

Other exercise alternatives for groups of friends include Zumba or Groove Dance and Hip Hop. These dance classes are offered to every student in the Campus Center gym two days a week at varying times. The classes are sure to get a laugh out of your friends as you attempt to do the moves correctly, but the calories burned and the fun had with friends while doing the dancing is worth it!

In the spring, there will also be Aikido and Yoga classes offered for students that are interested. For those who have already taken yoga classes or know the basics, a Yoga Club meets every Tuesday night. Aikido is a Japanese martial arts and self-defense class that uses the attacker’s own movements against them. Both classes will not start until late into the second semester, so make sure to mark your calendar!

In addition to the classes and programs, there is a recreation room in the Campus Center that has various gym equipment, such as treadmills and stationary bikes. For those who like exercising outside, there are yellow or green campus bikes that can be ridden to and from classes. To take the bikes off campus, you must check in with campus safety and obtain a lock for the bike by trading in an ID card.

With all the options to get active on campus, why not? These programs, classes and equipment can be used by anyone that wants to get healthy in a fun way. If there are any questions involving the programs or classes, log onto the Campus Center page and click on the aerobics and wellness link for more information.


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