What To Do if You See a Clown


The Mayans may have predicted the world’s end in 2012, but lately it seems more and more likely that 2016 will be the year the world kicks the bucket. We are in the midst of what seems like a joke of a presidential election, the U.K. has officially left the European Union, the Zika virus is running rampant, many still feel the pain left by the death of Harambe and now, on top of all that, there are clowns running around the country threatening and scaring the life out of people everywhere.

The latest of these has spread to our very own Green Bay, with clown sightings occurring as recently as Oct. 9. While it turns out the threats sent to schools were behind the mastermind of a thirteen-year-old, there have been reports of clowns roaming the streets with fake Halloween prop weapons, as well as one seen in a car with a knife. In the event that you run into a clown, as Halloween approaches, more and more are being sighted, here are three easy steps to surviving a clown encounter:

1. Run. Get as far away as possible from this crazy clown that appears. Even if it may not be a direct threat to you, better to be safe than sorry.

2. Scream. Drawing attention to the situation so that you have many people (and witnesses) present is ideal. You know what they say, there’s strength in numbers.

3. Tell someone. Hopefully if you’ve followed steps one and two, you’ve managed to get away from the clown and found more people, so now tell someone about it! Report it to the police, campus safety, whoever it may be, let everyone know there are clowns out and about.


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