November Horoscopes


ARIES: This is a month of some serious decisions for you. It’s time to stop procrastinating and do what you know you have to do. Try not to feel pushed into decisions you don’t want to make. Be a leader and show these people what you can do. Soon you will understand that it’s your leadership that makes the difference.

TAURUS: Study topics that you enjoy this month. Take care of your health problems as soon as they begin to bother you. You are changing in so many positive ways. When you are truly happy with your personal relationship, then things are only going to get better. Single Taureans have a wonderful chance of meeting someone new this month, so don’t be shy. You deserve a good relationship, too.

GEMINI: You can be too serious for your own good. Don’t get involved in problems that aren’t directly related to you. Take care of your own issues and don’t worry about other people’s problems, or you may be dragged into more than you intended.

CANCER: Learn to enjoy your life one step at a time. When you worry about anything, you are wasting your energy and time. When frustrated, get some extra exercise instead and keep yourself busy working on detailed projects that you enjoy. What you once thought was impossible can become very real for you, especially in the area of true love and lasting relationships.

LEO: Sometimes you give of yourself more than you should. Playing a little “hard to get” is the attitude you need to get people to do more for you. Reward them with your respect and personal attention. Situations regarding your home and family take priority right now. Someone very important in your life needs your advice and attention.

VIRGO: November is going to be a very nice month for you. Peace, serenity, tranquility and justice come your way, allowing you to feel like things are beginning to go your way. Read, study and grow. A new phase of your life is now opening the door to a loving and much more productive future for you.

LIBRA: Be conservative with your spending. It will be easy to go shopping and spend all you have saved. Saving money now will allow you the peace of mind you are seeking. It’s time to get those finances under control and create a more peaceful and secure future.

SCORPIO: Are you like the Phoenix bird to rise out of the ashes with more wisdom and knowledge of how to live a better life? Or are you like a scorpion that stings anything in its path in order to have full control? November is your birthday month and a month of healing past wrongs. Choose your thoughts and actions wisely. The more you nurture what you love, the more you will receive in return.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’re feeling run down this month, eat plenty of green and orange vegetables along with fiber and protein. This month you may want to cutback on spending and waste in general, and this will help you feel more at ease in the long run. Cooperation and teamwork are more appreciated than individual work.

CAPRICORN: This month is full of confidence and a little ego boost to achieve what your goals are. Friends and friendships are important to you and rewarding this month. This month also may include some travel for a cultural or artistic event, like a concert or a play.

AQUARIUS: Though you try to avoid conflict, you find yourself in the middle of it this November. You are motivated when the goals your heart is invested in take top priority. It’s a good month for creative endeavors and making sure your voice is heard.

PISCES: Though you feel a little down on yourself, this month you feel surprisingly optimistic. This month you are distracted and dreamy, so dealing with the real world is not your strong point. However, use this dreaminess to excel at the imagination, as November is an excellent time for artists to thrive.


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