Student Spotlight: Noah Smits ’19



Major/Minor: Math and Philosophy with a Spanish minor

Title and time slot of your program: Thursday, 4-5 p.m.

Why did you choose SNC? 

Study abroad opportunities and scholarships. And I love the caf.

What is your show about? 

We play straight-up rock and roll, except when we don’t. Lots of comedy bits as well—most are improvised, a few are even funny.

What’s your favorite music to play during the show? 

Songs that my co-DJ, Sam and I, play ourselves. We do impressions of famous musicians, and Sam’s are super legit because he’s in a band himself (called the Over Unders).

What is the funniest/scariest thing that’s happened during a broadcast session? 

It’s always funny when we break character. Otherwise I’d say the fake Kessler Diamonds commercial we did was pretty legendary.

What are your after-college plans? 

Grad school if my grades are good enough. My dream job is to be an author, and I’m nearly done with my first novel.

What is your favorite movie or TV show? Why? 

My favorite movies are Raiders of the Lost Ark and Napoleon Dynamite. As TV goes, there’s no topping classic Simpsons.

What is your favorite food?

Indian and Indonesian.


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