A Year of Changes for SNC’S 2016 Homecoming


With the homecoming festivities at an end for this year, congratulations are in store for many different groups.

Homecoming is an exciting time for alumni, football fans, students and those involved in student organizations. Greek life and social groups had an eventful week leading up to the homecoming football game, with events occurring almost every night.

Starting off the week on Sunday, Oct. 16, was Scream Your Theme, an event in which every group has about 45 seconds to change the words to popular songs to go along with their theme. Students usually change lyrics to show school spirit or to tell about their organization.

The homecoming events continued into the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 18, where a rousing game of Tug of War was played. Groups were paired by gender for the competition

On Wednesday, Oct. 19, teams were introduced to the new event of  Hungry Hungry Hippos. Each team was given a scooter, a helmet and a laundry basket. It was a real-life version of the popular children’s game.

Thursday, Oct. 20, introduced another new event, Radio Trivia, in which each team listened to the radio for an hour and were asked questions after every song. The team who turned in the answers first received bonus points, with each correct answer being worth points.

On Friday, Oct. 21, a Roller Rave was held in the Campus Center, where roller skates, music and a dance environment were located.

Saturday, Oct. 22 was the annual homecoming football game in which St. Norbert College triumphed over Ripon with a final score of 48-7. Following the SNC football win, the homecoming winners were announced and the final event, Air Bands, took place. At Air Bands, each group was allowed seven people to perform in front of judges while conveying their theme.

For the male groups, Delta Upsilon came in first place for the first time in 10 years. Phi Delta Theta took second, with Tau Kappa Epsilon in third and BIG in fourth.

For the female groups, Delta Phi Epsilon took first, with Alpha Xi Delta coming in second, Kappa Beta Gamma in third and No Nonsense in fourth.

This year saw a a lot of experimentation with new homecoming events, including Hungry Hungry Hippos and Radio Trivia, as well as a new incentive to win.

In past years, the choosing of Uglys/Queens depended on the order of homecoming placing, but this year things were switched up. Ugly/Queen picking order is entirely random and the reward for winning homecoming is a traveling trophy.

The opinion on this was a mixed bag of emotions. However, it was a successful and fun year of homecoming festivities.

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