Ask Abbey: Autumn Answers



Everyone is incredibly busy during this time of the year: it is the middle of the semester, the holiday season is right around the corner and there are many fun activities available for students.

Dear Abbey,

Autumn is always a great time of the year, but there is so much to do before winter strikes. How should I be spending my free time before it gets too cold to do anything?

-Corrine Wiborg ’20

Dear Corrine,

Fall is my favorite time of year: the campus looks prettier than ever, the weather makes for cozy clothing and everything is pumpkin spice! The temperature may be dropping, but activities on and off campus are almost always happening. With more than 70 organizations, students can be almost too involved here at St. Norbert. Whether they are a part of organizations or not, students are more than busy with their coursework. There are constant activities on campus that anyone can participate in. Coming up during the first weekend of November is Dance Marathon’s Miracle Day, during which students will dance and play games all day to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The hockey and basketball seasons will also be starting soon. If you are not very active on campus or sports do not interest you, taking walks and enjoying the beautiful scenic campus is always a treat. Personally, I enjoy wearing sweaters, laying in the leaves and chasing squirrels.

The weather is not the only part of fall I enjoy; I also love Halloween and Thanksgiving. The main reason I absolutely love these holidays is because they are both highly related to food. Caramel apples and candy corn are abundant the entire month of October: there goes my summer body! Haunted houses and corn mazes are fun, but I usually just end up eating the corn instead of escaping the maze. Once November rolls around, so do various pies and lots of rolls (as in bread). People seem to cook more than ever throughout the fall months, and it is greatly appreciated by everyone, especially hungry dogs. Deer season arrives, putting almost everyone in the mood for home-cooked meals and warm fires. By the time Thanksgiving arrives, everyone is ready to go home for a break from school, to see family and friends and to eat some good turkey. The fall months are perfect for getting together with friends and family and doing things outside before it gets too cold to stay out for long periods of time. Before we know it, we will be catching snowflakes and baking Christmas cookies. Always remember to live in the moment, and utilize resources while they are prevalent.

Love and blessings from your campus dog,


P. S. – I know everyone is super stressed, so I have a great joke for you all!

What can have more bark than a dog?

A tree!


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