Ask Abbey: Safety First



Dear SNC students,

Everyone wants to stay safe, but sometimes our actions can lead us to put ourselves and others at risk. Thankfully, there are many ways people can make reduced-risk or risk-free decisions to help protect everyone.

Now that we have made it to November (my personal favorite, mainly due to the fact Thanksgiving is coming soon), I would like to remind everyone how they can maintain their safety. I am sure everyone, even the innocent first-year students, is settled in and hopefully loving St. Norbert as much as I love chasing tennis balls.

At the same time, I hope that some of you are not getting too comfortable. Despite the fact SNC is a pretty small campus, there are still risks. Never walk alone after dark: I suggest travelling in packs, like wolves. Also, remember that you should be having fun and trying new things but also making sure that you are being safe and smart with your decisions. Always think before you act; make sure someone knows where you are at all times. Do not forget your ID: I always keep mine around my neck, and I almost never take it off. If you decide to go out to a party, make sure you stay with the people you are with and go home with those people. If you become separated occurs, make sure to call or relocate a friend. Do not walk home alone. Lastly, do not forget that calling Campus Safety is always an option. Do not be afraid to speak up or leave if you feel uncomfortable in any situation. Also, remember to try to look out for friends to help maintain everyone’s safety. It is never a bad time to help out, even if the person does not think help is needed.

Another thing I’d like to remind you humans about is to be respectful to each other. Some people, (like me), like to sleep during the day or like to go to bed early. Therefore, remember to be quiet during Quiet Hours (10:30 p.m. to 9 a.m. on weeknights, 12 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekend nights) and try to think about what others are doing. Keeping doors closed and the music turned down is never a bad idea. Plus, being loud and obnoxious will only draw unwanted attention towards yourself. Just think about how nice I always am (mostly because I know you will give me treats if I am)! If you acted toward each other with love and kindness, there would be little disruption around us.

We are all connected here at St. Norbert through communio; never forget that. Make sure to think about the safety of yourself and others. We have all agreed to solidarity and should work together to stay protected here on campus. And remember, don’t forget to send your questions to me!

As always, love and blessings from your campus dog, Abbey.


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