Surviving College with a 0% BAC



Many people find that college and drinking go together hand-in-hand. Particularly going to school in Wisconsin, many people are under the impression that drinking is a social activity acceptable even for underage students. This could not be further from the truth. Although there are some events on campus that include drinking, these are strictly for students who are of age (21), such as Senior Wine Tasting and Block Party. Because of this, many college students are under the impression that they cannot have fun on the weekends without engaging in illicit behavior. However, there are many things to do on campus and beyond for students who are underage, as well as students that are of age but choose not to drink.

One option for students is Party.0. Party.0 is an organization that throws sober parties for students looking for a party without drinking. Students are able to dance, hang out with friends and play games outside of the “drinking” scene and, more importantly, have fun safely and legally. The Party.0 group on St. Norbert’s campus throws a variety of events throughout the school year. Interested students can contact the  St. Norbert Party.0 group on their Facebook page at “party0depere” or look up the group’s page at for more information about the group’s mission statement and core values.

Another group on campus that hosts sober events on campus is Entertainment 2 Knight, more commonly referred to as E2K. E2K hosts a variety of events, from dances to comedians to spa days. All of these events are typically free for students to attend and take place on campus. E2K is the group responsible for bringing different bands, comedians and hypnotists to the Campus Center every few weeks with a guarantee that students will enjoy themselves. Upcoming E2K events include a craft night for making friendship bracelets and painting frames, an acoustic musician, an escape room scenario and a day spa. Be sure to check these out as we get closer to the dates, because it is a great way to get out on campus and meet fellow students you might not have the opportunity to meet through classes or various extracurriculars. Visit for more information.

Finally, students are always able to host their own fun. Plan a movie night in your dorm or house and invite your friends over for a slumber party. Many residence halls also host events over the weekend, such as cupcake-making or pizza parties with root beer kegs. Attending residence hall events is an easy way to meet the other people living in the same housing complex as you, as well as a way to get outside of your dorm room for the weekend (and get free food!). There are many ways for students to make their own fun, so start getting creative, and remember to stay safe!


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