The Masculinity Summit at SNC



Almost every college student struggles with themes of identity and inclusion. The Cassandra Voss Center hosts an annual event that aims to educate our community about these issues.

This year’s theme is Masculinity Untied, during which the Cassandra Voss Center will host a group of speakers for their Masculinity Summit, including Harry Brod, Rob Davis, Norbert Hill, Michael Kaufman, Jesse Steinfeldt, Harry Sydney and others.

Dr. Harry Brod is a founder of Masculinity Studies and is at St. Norbert College as a Visiting Scholar this semester.

The summit begins on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at noon in the Mulva Library and will include a launch by Dr. Brod. Later that day in the Cassandra Voss Center, there will be a Founders Dialogue called “Masculinity Now: Politics, Policing, Parenthood,” featuring Dr.Brod, Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel.

The Summit continues on Thursday, Nov. 3, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Bemis Conference Center, with a series of workshops held by Rob Davis, Norbert Hill, Jesse Steinfeldt and Harry Sydney. Workshop themes include Mentoring Men of Color, LGBT Masculinity and Jewish Masculinities.

Dr. Karlyn Crowley, Director of the Cassandra Voss Center, said, “College is a time to think about who you are and who you want to become. It’s a time to figure out what kind of relationships you want to have and how you want to act in the world.”

She hopes that the Masculinity Summit will cause people, particularly students, to think through those questions.


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