Tips for Studying



After multiple tests in our classes, the semester is already half over. Depending on how well you know yourself, you should know what type of grades you have so far. Now is the time where improvement may be needed and different methods of studying will be necessary for different people.

Flashcards can be easily made from sheets of paper or online. Quizlet is a free website that creates flashcards, puts them into games and allows you to view them. Flashcards should be mixed up every time you go through them, in order to challenge you in the exercise. The flashcards will support the memorization of vocabulary words, definitions and the order of sequence of events.

Also, studying the notes that were taken in class will allow you to prepare on your own. Organization of all of your notes will show how much you know about each topic and will reveal what parts your study time should be spent on. Highlighting, marking pages and keeping all of your notes in a single place will allow you to focus your studying. Studying with other people in the same class may improve your understanding of the topic.

If you tried all of these tips and are still having trouble, there are other options available. When you need assistance with grammar, citations or understanding the assignment, the staff in the Writing Center in the Mulva Library can help you at an appointed time. Also, there are tutors that you can schedule for help through the Academic Support Services Office for nearly any subject. Remember also that just talking to your classmates or your professor can help your understanding of the topic. When you are struggling, there is always help available, so take advantage of the resources.


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