Ask Abbey: Everything Matters


The past month has been filled with incredible and historical events that will definitely impact everyone not only in the United States but also the entire world.

Dear Abbey,

How do you feel about the outcome of the election, and how do you think it will affect the world?

Dear Student,

Let us remember that every election is a historical event that affects everyone, including dogs. There will always be anger and sadness from both sides of the spectrum. The next couple of weeks will remain intense and emotional as people continue to take in the results of the election. As a dog, I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to watch the election unfold. I would also like to remind everyone that no matter which side you stand on, you should still strive to be respectful to what others believe. Here in the United States of America, we are all given the right to express our beliefs and emotions freely. Therefore, there is nothing that can stop the rise of ridicule and judgement towards the opposing sides. It would be so nice if everyone could get along, but that will never happen. We need to realize that, despite what we believe, everyone deserves a chance to speak: WOOF!

Also, everyone needs to realize that they have to listen to what people have to say. From there, listening and speaking can turn into acting and accomplishing.

I wish everyone could be as accepting of everything as I am, but I am a dog, not a human. Humans can be selfish; dogs are not (except when it comes to food). My purpose in life is to make others happy, and that makes me happy. As we all reflect on the election, I think we should try to remind ourselves that everything does happen for a reason. Let us strive to find the positives in life and try to stop only focusing on the negatives. The world will be forever changed by the new president; this is the start of something new! Looking towards the future with negativity will only lead us in that negative direction. We need to join together and work towards something great. Remember communio, that we are all together and that our example of communio can make a difference in the world. There is no time like the present to show that here on the St. Norbert campus we stand together.

As always, peace and blessings from your campus dog,




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