Badgers are Underestimated


In arch of the upcoming Bowl Champion Series and the still relevant new stage of the four playoff team bracket brings many challenges to this year’s comminite. The Bowl Championship Bracket is decided by the Selection Comminate that primarily selects the four best teams to play against each other for the right to hold up the ultimate crystal ball. The undefeated powerhouse Alabama will be the number one seed but the rest of the bids are up for grabs. I believe our very own but perpetually underestimated Badgers could be one of the other three teams.”

The Wisconsin Badgers are yet again faced the toughest rating percentage index (RPI) schedule but they are currently nationally ranked number eight under Michigan (6) who lost to Ohio State (2) this past Saturday, as well as Oklahoma University (7) .The Badgers two losses coming from tight games against Ohio State and Michigan which were ranked highly at the game.  Even with the Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year title Paul Chryst received this week there will probably not be enough for them to even be in the BCS talk. The released College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday shows Alabama ranked number one, Ohio State following at number two, Clemson number three and Washington at four.

While Washington is at 11-1 they have pretty much a pancake schedule consisting of wins against mid-majors such as Portland State. Washington has only face five top twenty five ranked opponents this entire season and only two of them has been in the top ten with Stanford and Colorado State. Opposed to Wisconsin’s six top twenty five ranked opponents with all of them being in the top ten and three of them within the the top five.

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