February Horoscopes


ARIES: This is an excellent month for changes in your career. People of importance and authority will have their eye on you, which may mean a possible raise. If there is dissatisfaction with your work, now is the time to look for a change in the career.

TAURUS: Positive opportunities are coming your way, so financial burdens will begin to lift. Financial security is important for a Taurus, so go for taking on that second job or switching to a career that will give you more stability and comfort.

GEMINI: The changes in your life as of late are detrimental to your spiritual growth. Once you understand the reasons for these events, you won’t have to repeat the life lesson. New opportunities are heading your way, so this month should be full of confidence on your part.

CANCER: If you’ve been in a place where all of your worrying has made you “stuck” in life, now is the time to stop. Action is needed, and adventure is out there. Take some risks and chances, and you will be rewarded.

LEO: This is the month in which you are thanked for your selfless service to your friends and family. If there have been trying relationships, they will become more fruitful this month. You will feel happier overall when you know you’ve taken the time to care for others instead of focusing on yourself.

VIRGO: Take care of your health this month, as any issues that may have been problematic in the past could flare up again. This month could be filled with frustrations, but know that in love you will be rewarded, and that people really do care about you.

LIBRA: This month, your home, family, and friends will take priority above all else. If they’re happy, you’re happy; when you’re happy, you can offer more of that unconditional love you keep well-stocked at all times. Your intuition will know when extra support is needed, so be aware of it.

SCORPIO: This is a time when your personal and moral values will be changed for the better. You are able to understand people much better than in the past. Bring some ease into your life by being easier on other people.

SAGITTARIUS: Your intentions are good, but in order to make everyone happy, you can’t say ‘yes’ all the time. Stick with a ‘maybe’ if you can’t fully commit right away. Don’t get too frustrated if plans are changed or cancelled. Always consider the feelings of others before important decisions are made.

CAPRICORN: Organizing your financials will allow other aspects of your life to fall into place. There may be an extra monetary source you are unaware of. Don’t forget the people you love and make sure their financial needs are taken care of.

AQUARIUS: This month you might be feeling overwhelmed about nothing. Everyone has their own personality, and you need to make sure you accommodate those points of view. Now is a good time to take a break, but don’t stay away from your responsibilities too long!

PISCES: Learning to say ‘no’ to people will be an important message for you this month. While you are soft, sentimental and enjoy going with the flow in life, there may be some opposition this month. Stay strong and be the Pisces you know you are!


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