How to Survive Valentine’s Day on the Single Side


During grade school Valentine’s Day was the best. Every person in the class gave you a Valentine complete with candy and the whole class got to eat all the sweets their little hearts desired. However, now Valentine’s Day has taken a different approach. Either it is an amazing day filled with love or else it is a horrible day filled with loneliness. Valentine’s Day for those who have a significant other is a day filled with surprise flowers, boxes of delicious chocolates, teddy bears bigger than the average size human and sappy cards. For those single girls and guys out there, it is a day looking at social media posts and realizing how lonely you are. If you’re lucky, the day could bring a Valentine’s Day card in the mail from your grandma.

It shouldn’t be like this. Everyone should feel the love and warmth on Valentine’s Day. Here are the top five tips to survive Valentine’s Day as a single person.

Volunteer. Volunteer at an animal shelter, at a local hospital, or maybe at a retirement or nursing home with elderly people who may have lost a husband or wife and need some extra love this Valentine’s Day. Do something you love for other people, the world, or animals this Valentine’s Day and you will feel the love.

Pig out. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to break out the junk food or if your favorite food is apples, that is acceptable too. Today is the day to eat whatever you love most, whether that be carrot sticks or chocolate covered pretzels.

Spend time with your favorite people. Whether that be your best friend or your mom, spend time with the people you love most. Dress up with your best friend and go out for a nice dinner. Or play video games with your dad. Spend time with whoever makes you the happiest.

Exercise. Release your anger of another year of being single by taking a kickboxing class, learn how to protect yourself from unwanted lovers by taking a self-defense class or relax your mind by listening to music and going for a run. Whatever you do, take care of yourself and your body will thank you for it.

Journal. Write a journal entry about what you have and people in your life for whom you are thankful, instead of focusing on the lover you don’t have. If you can’t see those you love on Valentine’s Day, give them a call or send them a text that tells them how much you appreciate and love them.

Eat. This Valentine’s Day, single or not, remember it is a day to eat all the candy you want (or you can wait until the next day when everything goes on sale!) and appreciate all of the love that surrounds you every day. 


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