SNC Students Take a TRIP of a Lifetime


Over winter break, SNC students volunteered their time to various good causes. These issues ranged from volunteering at a Children’s hospital to immigration and refugee issues to homeless and poverty and even more. The destinations also ranged from cities in the United States to a TRIP in Nicaragua.

TRIPS (Turning Responsibility into Powerful Service) became a dedicated group on campus in 1999, however St. Norbert College has offered service trips as early as the 1970’s.  Each TRIP has a dedicated focus and allows students to work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

The goal of the TRIPS program is to: serve, learn, live responsibly, seek wisdom and understand differences. These goals are shown throughout each TRIP and allows students to have a wonderful experience while helping others.

The TRIPS Program envisions a community that regularly chooses the common good. These values that students learn on the experiences help contribute to this ideal community.

TRIPS allows many students to participate from becoming part of the TRIP to even leading a TRIP. TRIPS do not just occur over winter break. Many TRIPS are offered throughout the year including fall break, winter break and spring break.

TRIPS is a program that anyone dedicated to making a difference and having fun. To learn more, please visit:


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