St. Norbert Times

Statement of Solidarity at St. Norbert College



Since last Tuesday’s presidential election, there have been widespread incidents on college campuses across the country of students being the targets of verbal and physical violence because of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and intersections of these. St. Norbert’s campus has not been immune to this. There are members of our community, including some of the undersigned, who are frightened by the election’s outcome, worried about what the future holds in store, and unsure whether St. Norbert values and protects all those in our community who are impacted. No one at St. Norbert College should have to feel such fear.

In a year where our campus theme is “Solidarity,” we seek to allay as much as we can the legitimate concerns of our fellow community members. As a Catholic institution, St. Norbert College strives to embody a willingness to reach out in solidarity to those on the margins–margins defined by those in places of power and privilege. The best of the Catholic tradition strives to imitate Jesus, who was born, lived, and acted precisely among those whom the world pushes aside. Only with such uncompromising and unconditional love and solidarity can the ideals of communio and radical hospitality be fully realized.

We state publicly and unequivocally our support for all students, faculty, and staff who feel vulnerable in light of Tuesday’s election results. This includes, but is not limited to: Black, Native, Latinx, Asian, and all people of color, Muslims, Jews, those of minority religious traditions as well as the non-religious, LGBTQ individuals, women and all gender minorities–especially survivors of sexual harassment and assault, those with disabilities or who are neurodiverse, immigrants–documented or not–and people from poor and working class backgrounds, among other impacted communities.

We, the undersigned, include individuals in one or more of the intersecting communities mentioned above who viscerally feel the fear of our current socio-political and economic context. Among us there are also empathetic allies who stand in solidarity with all those impacted in our community, and commit to leveraging our privileges and access to resources in the service of the most marginalized and oppressed.

We offer our offices and classrooms as safe spaces for you to learn, work, and give voice to your thoughts and concerns. We pledge to stand by you in the face of hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and nationalist rhetoric. We promise to be your advocates and protectors on this campus. We commit to working every day to make St. Norbert a place which always strives to more fully practice the ideals of communio, recognition of every person’s sacred dignity, and radical hospitality.

Daniel Reginald Soowoong Kim, Theology and Religious Studies

Jonathan Solarte Espinosa, Modern Languages & Literatures

Young-Im Lee, Political Science

Raquel Cowell, Psychology

Luis Navarro-Ayala, Modern Languages & Literatures

Corday Goddard, Student Development

Alaina Morales, Center for International Education

Joel E. Mann, Philosophy

Amy Lewis, Humanities and Liberal Arts

Sharon Bohjanen, Teacher Education

Judy Cervantes, Modern Languages & Literatures

Harry Brod, Visiting Scholar

Gratzia Villarroel, Global Academic Affairs and Political Science

Erica Southworth, Teacher Education

Scott Kirst, Teacher Education

Michelle Schoenleber, Psychology

Jennifer Sovey-Fahey, Counseling & Psychological Services

Travis Hurst, Physics

Beverly Moeser, Center for International Education

Deirdre Egan-Ryan, English

Carrie Kissman, Biology and Environmental Science

Cheryl Kalny, History

Shelly Morris Mumma, Leadership, Student Engagement & First Year Experience

DeEtte Radant, The Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life and Vocation

Marissa McKenney, Residential Education & Housing

Karlyn Crowley, Cassandra Voss Center and English/WMGS

Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer, Cassandra Voss Center

Ivy Summers, Office of Financial Aid

Matthew Sprague, Chemistry

Kameko Halfmann, Psychology

Bridget Burke Ravizza, Theology and Religious Studies

Bridgit Martin, Multicultural Student Services

Cynthia Earles Ochsner, Chemistry

Karen Park, Theology and Religious Studies

Katherine Muhs, Mathematics

Lucy A. Arendt, Business

Sundi Richard, Academic Technology (ITS)

Victoria B. Tashjian, History

Ravi Agarwal, ITS – Enterprise Applications

Katie Dunn, Biology

Jeremy Doughty, Center for International Education

Brittany Bell, Mulva Library

Connie Meulemans, Mulva Library

Danielle Opolka, Mulva Library

Stephen Rupsch, VPA & Theatre Studies

Daniel Lynds, Digital Humanities

Cathy Lau, Student Services/Residential Education and Housing

Robert S. Kramer, History

Katie Alfare Garber, Chemistry

Bonnie McVey, Computer Science

Mary Jo Morris, Dining Services

Kristee Boehm, Modern Languages & Literatures

Chris Betcher, Alumni and Parent Relations

Adi Redzic, Center for International Education

Thomas M. Bolin, Theology and Religious Studies

Daniel Collette, Philosophy

Katie Ries, Art

Drew Scheler, English

Howard Ebert, Theology and Religious Studies

Marcie Paul, Modern Languages & Literatures

Brandon Bauer, Art

Brian Pirman, Art

Anindo Choudhury, Biology and Environmental Science

David Bachyrycz, Philosophy

John Pennington, English

Kathleen Gallagher Elkins, Theology and Religious Studies

Susan Angoli, Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning

Laura Neary, Writing Center and English

John Neary, English

Laurie MacDiarmid, English

Paul J. Ballard, Dean’s Office/Leadership Studies

Seth Meyer, Mathematics

Erik Brekke, Physics

Laura Fredrickson, Gap Experience

April Beiswenger, Theatre Studies

Deborah Anderson, Biology

Wendy Scattergood, Political Science

Jamie O’Brien, Business

Joy Pahl, Business

Kathy Molnar, Business

Jim Neuliep, Communication and Media Studies

Ben Huegel, Business

Marc von der Ruhr, Economics

Amy Mrotek, Cassandra Voss Center

Jennifer Nissen, Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning

Cristi Burrill, Leadership, Student Engagement, & First Year Experience

Eric Hagedorn, Philosophy

Jamie Lynch, Sociology

Robert Pyne, Norman Miller Center for Peace, Justice & Public Understanding

Julie Massey, Mission and Student Affairs

Rebecca Lahti, Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life & Vocation

Ally Jenner, Registrar’s Office

Russ Feirer, Biology

Dave Bailey, Biology

Ryan King, Biology

Tim Flood, Geology

Susan M. Landt, Education

Abby Trollinger, History

Shan Bryan-Hanson, Art

John Dose, Psychology

Debbie Kupinsky, Art

John Day, Modern Languages & Literatures

Simon Pfeil, Mathematics

Rochelle Van Erem, Mulva Library

Julie Black Harder, Theology and Religious Studies; Honors Program

Jay Fostner, O. Praem., Mission and Student Affairs

Mike Peckham, Residential Education and Housing

Sheila Kronberg, Career and Professional Development

John Seckel, Campus Center

Kari Brown, Residential Education and Housing

Julie Friedman, Mission and Student Affairs

Jean Rivett, LSE

Matt DeBlieck, Residential Education and Housing

John Holder, Philosophy

Catherine Uedelhofen, Norman Miller Center and Center for Norbertine Studies

Jim Hodgson, Biology

Reid Riggle, Teacher Education

Keith Sherony, Economics

Adam Brandt, Biology

Steve Jakups, SNC Campus Safety

Andrew Duncan, Sociology

Joe Totman, Residential Education and Housing

Ray Zurawski, Psychology; Institutional Effectiveness

Grant Rozeboom, Business

Chrystal Woller, Health and Wellness Services

Rosemary Sands, Center for Norbertine Studies

Ben Chan, Philosophy

Paul Wadell, Theology and Religious Studies

Amy Vandenberg, Business

Stuart Korshavn, Psychology

David Poister, Chemistry

Anna Herrman, Communication and Media Studies

Brenda Busch, Graduate Admission

Nelson Ham, Geology

Alexa Trumpy, Sociology

Carolyn Schaeffer, Teacher Education

Linda Cook, Music

Nina Rouse, Office of Communications

Andrew D. Ciferni, O.Praem. Center for Norbertine Studies

Kit Klepinger, Center for International Education

Bob Osgood, Teacher Education

Nancy Mathias, Sturzl Center for Community Service and Learning

Rebecca McKean, Geology

Lori Evans, Campus Safety

Sarah Ryan, Grant Development

Michael Olson, Physics

Kristin Vogel, Mulva Library

Sandy Murphy, Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life and Vocation

Sue Bacos, Teacher Education

Marc Schaffer, Economics

Cheryl Carpenter-Siegel, Sociology

Cathy Lau, Student Services/Residential Education and Housing

Krissy Lukens, ITS – Academic Technology

Kim Smith, Communication and Media Studies

Derek Elkins, Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life and Vocation

Eric High, Music

Kortney James, Music

Lee Reid, ITS

Amanda Kim, Diversity Affairs

Mara Brecht, Theology and Religious Studies

Morgan Johnson, Gap Experience

Molly Muenster, Career & Professional Development

Jason Haen, Business

Joanne Blascak, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Bradford Ellis, Modern Languages & Literatures

Lisa Hollihan-Allen, Teacher Education

Jim Harris, Business

Mark Glantz, Communication & Media Studies

Kathryn Geimer-Chojnacki, Teacher Education

Matthew Stollak, Business Administration

Neil Gloudemans, ITS

Darlene Blaney, ITS

Kathy Ritter, ITS

David Bosco, Mulva Library

Ruth Johnson, Auxiliary Services

Valerie Kretz, Communication & Media Studies

Steven Burgess, Philosophy

JJ Simpson, ITS

John Hennecken, Music

Sarah Titus, Mulva Library

Taylor Jadin, ITS User Support

Rachel Mueller, Mulva Library

Corey Ciesielczyk, Academic Support Services

David Hunnicutt, Biology

Lauren Gaecke, Registrar’s Office

Mike Counter, Office of Communications

Michael Rosewall, Academic Affairs

AnaMaria Seglie, English

Kristina Reignier, Community Outreach & Language Services

Paul Bursik, Business Administration