The Final Countdown


Being a senior is bittersweet. I’m at the end of my undergraduate college career. It’s easy for me to say that I am ready to be done with exams, papers and projects, but I am in no way ready to leave the friends and memories I have made on this campus. Going into my last semester means making the most of every opportunity I have before graduating, whether it be enjoying the bottomless potato bowl or attending basketball games.

Big or small, students should strive to do it all because before you know it, you’re standing onstage with your diploma in hand wondering where the past four years went. With this in mind, I decided to come up with a bucket list of things to do at St. Norbert before graduation arrives this May.

Get a picture with Norby. This one is pretty easy to accomplish, as Norby can be found at most sporting games and various on-campus events.

Visit every building on campus. Even a few buildings, I have never stepped foot in. This semester is all about exploring campus while I still have the chance to do so as an undergraduate student. Bemis and Bergstrom, I’m comin’ for the both of ya.

Get as much potato bowl as possible. SNC’s potato bowl is truly a gift from God. I have been raving about it to my family since my freshman year, and probably won’t                                                                                                                                            know what to do with myself once I can’t go to Ruth’s Marketplace anymore. This is the semester of cherishing the potato bowl the way it should be cherished.

Go to Dale’s. Three and a half years later, and I can still count the number of times I’ve been to Dale’s on one hand. Time to step up the late night Dale’s game while I still can.

Attend any and all on-campus events. St. Norbert has a huge variety of on-campus events, from guest speakers to dinners to special senior events. One that I’m most looking forward to is the tradition of Senior Wine Tasting. Other events I always look forward to are the days when dogs visit for finals week and the various influential guest speakers we have the opportunity to see each semester.

Obviously, there’s a nearly never-ending list of what I want to do before graduating. Attending networking events, thanking all of the professors who have impacted me, enjoying the campus once spring comes and of course, finally getting my diploma. Time to make the most out of the next four months!


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