Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Long distance relationships of any sort, well, they just suck. There is only so much that Skype calls, texts, phone calls can give a person in these sort of relationships. Granted, we are very fortunate in this modern age where we have all of these options to choose from when we want to talk to our beloved people in our lives.

I’m thinking about the relationship that I have with friends who don’t go to the same school I do, or that live hours away even if I do get to go back to my hometown. Some friends, over time, do fade out, and that is sometimes really unfortunate, because who knows, if you still lived in the same place, you would still probably be friends. But on the flip-side of that, if you both stayed in the same place, you might not have grown into the person you are now, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing either.

However, being friends with people who live far away from me is very difficult. Some days all you want is a hug from that person, and you just can’t get that. You have all the availability in the world to send multiple texts back and forth or make a phone call, but there is something about being able to have a physical moment that is really special in a friendship. Especially when you are feeling down and out of sorts about what is going on in the craziness we call life. Just to know that they would be physically there with you, to hold your hand, make you laugh, see their smile and know that it’s going to be OK.

Family is almost always difficult to be away from. Granted there are some distant relatives that you don’t really hear from, so that isn’t a huge burden on a person’s heart and soul. Also, being a college student, it comes with the territory to be away from your parents (and beloved pets). But there is something different about being away from your siblings. These are the people who you have grown up with, either they have been with you since day one or vice versa (depending on who the elder is). These are the people who know how your parents can get and you can vent to about the little quirks or moments that frustrate you to no end. Especially as two college aged kids who live in two different states, not being able to be involved with the events and moments that they are really proud of, can really eat away at a sibling.

Of course, the most related term that comes up with long distance, is the idea of the relationship with a significant other. You don’t get to see that person that you care deeply about, for days, weeks, months, maybe even years, on end. At some point it seems to cross the mind of those involved, is this really worth it? Is it worth the hassle of trying to stay connected in different cities, when you and the other person have equally busy lives? I say that if this person is someone you truly care about, then yes, it is worth it, because you have to believe that one day, it won’t be like this. One day you will end up in the same city, maybe not even under the same roof, but have the ability to see each other every day (or nearly).

Long distance relationships do suck, but as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I find that this is something to be true. I miss these relationships, especially at the opportunity to have them at a close proximity. But I also have learned to value these relationships even more, that the time that I do get to spend with them is really special.

Keep your relationships close, but if they can’t be there physically, hold them closer to your heart.


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