Being Heart Healthy on Campus


Now’s about the time of year when those New Year’s Resolutions we made to work out and eat healthy start to get thrown out the window. But don’t stop now—Spring Break is within sight, just a few weeks away! This semester on campus there are more ways than ever to stay healthy and active, and it’s all at your finger tips!

Starting at Ruth’s Marketplace, every lunch and dinner Monday-Friday there are special Wellness meals with proper portion sizing. These can range from the wellness zoodle bowl to pulled pork sandwiches and beef tacos. Not only will wellness meals help to ensure you eat the proper portion, but they are also healthy and balanced with protein, fruit and vegetables.

Also in Ruth’s is a little-known refrigerator specifically filled with gluten-free options. This includes but is not limited to gluten free breads as well as bagels. The gluten-free fridge is located next to the ice cream machine in Ruth’s. Dale’s has also debuted its own gluten free menu. The most popular and tasty options on the menu include a Greek salad as well as a BLT salad with chicken.

If you’re looking to get a good workout in, look no further than our very own Campus Center. There are a variety of cardio machines and a few weighted machines as well as dumbbell weights. If you’re not quite sold on a cardio workout, there is a selection of workout DVDs that can be rented out at the same desk that rents out basketballs. The videos are quick, most are about 15 minutes, but they help you break a sweat. Videos include ab-targeted exercises, upper and lower body, as well as cardio and yoga. You could also choose a good old-fashioned basketball game in the Campus Center to get your heart rate up. There are plenty of options around campus, and sometimes the best way is to walk everywhere instead of driving.


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