Build a Better Burger Competition


On March 23 in Ruth’s Marketplace, there will be a burger competition between four chefs. The competition recognizes the food movement to make healthier food by adding ingredients such as mushrooms into burgers. While the competition is going on, the students of St. Norbert College will be the judges, resulting in a winner being chosen.

The requirements for the chefs are for them to mix mushrooms and beef together at a minimum of 25 percent to make the tastiest burger. The mushrooms must make up at least one quarter of the burger, with the remaining percentage being beef. This will make the burger healthier and will add flavor, because the mushrooms will be fresh. The competition will focus on the nutritional value of the mushrooms that were added into the beef. Besides the added nutritional value, there is an increased sustainability with the ratio used within the burger, which leads to a healthier life.

The chefs are participating in this competition in order to promote better ways to make food healthier, while still being tasty. This is just one of the ways St. Norbert College is finding healthier ways to make students’ favorite meals. The competition is similar to the event sponsored by the James Beard Organization, but on a smaller level.

The winner will not be announced until March 29, during a presentation which will be held in the Mulva library. The presentation is called Food for Thought. Ben Chan, a philosophy professor at St. Norbert College, and the Dining Services Staff will be present and announce the winner. The presentation will be from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Mulva 101. If the winner’s burger is overwhelmingly liked by most of the students, it will then be placed on the menu as a new option.


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