Focus Group Asks for Student Opinions


SNC student Savanna Lindemann (’17) and psychology professor Dr. Michelle Schoenleber are working on a project regarding positive psychology, specifically the idea of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is about focusing on the present and letting go about stress about the future or even from the past. Unable to truly guage how students related to this idea, they decided to find out through focus groups what students think they need.

These conversations are not just interested in mental illness, but in mental health in general, including student sources of stress and what they are doing to manage stress right now, and how they feel about mindfulness. “We want to promote wellness no matter where you’re starting from,” said Lindemann.

They hope to use this information to learn how the students are taking advantage of the programs already put in place to help them, and to learn what more students would want from SNC in this area. Working with Tom Doughman in Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Father Andrew Ciferni and Dr. Laura Fredrickson in the Gap program, they are looking to see how they can help students do well here on campus.

A focus group session will be taking place on Thursday, March 9, from 5-6:30 at Old St. Joe’s, where there will also be pizza.  Visit to sign up and share your feelings about this topic.


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