French Club Celebrates Fat Tuesday


A festival of parties, parades and costumes, Mardi Gras is a welcomed yearly celebration for some, and a bit of a mystery for others.

In the United States, some think of this holiday as mainly a New Orleans tradition, but Mardi Gras is not only a nationwide event, it is a worldwide one, with countries like France and Brazil standing as huge leaders in the festivities. The holiday is often referred to as Fat Tuesday and also Carnival in other countries, and it is traditionally a time of feasting and celebration before the fasting time of Lent.

Here at St. Norbert, the French Club held an event and gave students an opportunity to celebrate Mardi Gras right on campus. This took place on Monday, February 27 in the Knight Owl.

Those who attended had the opportunity to make colorful masks with feathers, jewels, glitter and more. They had music playing and colorful decorations, which provided the space with a light, fun atmosphere.

In addition, they had a table with several foods which reflected the culture of Mardi Gras, and refreshing drinks as well. While all of that was going on, the club had also prepared some videos about the history of the holiday and its role in French culture, which offered an educational aspect for those interested.

People made beautiful masks, chatted and enjoyed the music and food,while the hosts of the event worked hard to make sure everyone was having a good time and had everything they needed.

“It’s about a celebration of Mardi Gras and how it plays into the French culture and just spreading awareness for the culture and excitement for the club…. We want to get the whole campus involved,” said the French Club President Kelly Henniff (‘19) when discussing the thought process behind holding this event.

She mentioned that other programs in the past have been smaller, but this event shows that their attendance may be growing.

For anyone who went to the Knight Owl that night, it was a great break from the blues of midterms, and a chance to learn and have fun with glitter glue and tasty food.

The French Club hopes to continue to reach more students at SNC with their future events. Keep watching for more programs like this throughout the spring, and in semesters to come.


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