Health & Wellness Dares You to Take the Challenge


Many people know the struggle of making a New Year’s resolution. We stick with it for the first week at best, before slowly beginning to lose focus on it and then eventually realizing that we’ve completely lost motivation in early spring.

If one of your resolutions was to get in better shape or to start exercising more often, you might want to “Take the Challenge” being offered by the Health and Wellness Center here at Saint Norbert College.

The Health and Wellness Center is offering an opportunity to get fit and “improve the physical, spiritual, and mental health”!

This seven week long program is open to faculty, staff, and students alike, and each week will have a new challenge for participants to take.

These challenges will let you earn points which will help you meet the challenge for that week and take you one step closer to the healthy lifestyle that you want.

Each participant is required to have a buddy to do the Take the Challenge program to increase motivation and be a support through the program. This can be someone in your hometown or on campus, as long as you’ll be able to coordinate an exercise schedule.

Your partner should know your limits in advance and be able to encourage you and keep you on the right track, and you should be able to do likewise for them.

“When you eat healthy and exercise with a partner, you have better chance of not only completing the challenge successfully, but also adopting lifelong healthy habits because of the motivation and support a partner can offer,” said Chrystal Woller, the Senior Director of Health and Wellness at St. Norbert College.

Once you find a buddy to take the challenge with, you’ll be gaining a new healthy habit for a better and healthier life style every week of the seven week challenge.

The program is completely free for those who participate. All you have to do is register online on the Saint Norbert College Health and Wellness page, and print out a point tracker sheet to record the progress you make along the way.

“Anytime you can participate in wellness programming, there is great opportunity for you to make small changes and improve your overall health and wellness.  The goal is that these healthy lifestyle changes will be incorporated into healthy habits long-term improving your overall health and quality of life.” Chrystal Woller said.

Even the smallest changes that are made along the way in this program can make a huge difference in your health and wellness. For more information, contact the Health and Wellness Center at

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