Highlights of the St. Norbert College Experience


When you enter college, everyone tells you that it will fly by and to live in the moment. Here at St. Norbert, the years will go by quickly and it is important to live each day and each school year to its full potential. While of course there are many more to add to the list and each student on campus makes their mark on campus in a different way, here are the three highlights of each year you spend at St. Norbert.


Meeting new people: No matter whether you are introverted, extroverted or somewhere in the middle, coming to college is a huge mix of emotions. Excitement, nervousness, fear of the unknown and a sense of freedom as you make your first big step in independence. But, as you say goodbye to your family and hometown friends, you also open the door to meeting some amazing and lifelong friends who will eventually turn into family. Whether you meet these friends on the floor of your residence hall, in your classes or in a sport or club, they will be the people you eat your meals with and rely on for support. Meeting new people is a highlight of Freshman year because it gives you the opportunity to meet people who have different life experiences from you and to learn and grow with a new circle of friends from all different walks of life.

Becoming Independent: Being independent is a beautiful thing, but can also be hard to become used to. No longer do you have to text your mom to tell her where you are all the time (that is unless you have a helicopter parent) nor do you have to rely on asking your parents for permission to do certain things. However, there are downsides to being independent as you have to learn to do your own laundry, cook your own food, make sure you set your alarm for class in the morning and one more wonderful responsibility: making your own doctor’s appointments. But freshman year is the first glimpse into navigating the world on your own.

Becoming a part of St. Norbert: The best part of freshman year is truly experiencing communio and the feeling as if you belong somewhere. From the start of the year and end of the year all-campus picnics to SNC Family Weekend, there are many times throughout your first year where you feel welcomed into the SNC community. As a freshman, you also get to try out and join different clubs, sports, jobs, social groups or Greek life. The possibilities are endless when finding your niche at SNC.


Comfort: Sophomore year you have your friends, your “role” on campus, and SNC feels like a home away from home. While of course, friends and routines may change, it’s a whole lot less scary than when you entered freshman year knowing nobody and not knowing what our lovely campus is like.

Majors: Freshman year you may have been undecided, changed majors or may have not really taken too many classes in your major yet. Sophomore year you are able to really get into the core content of your major and take classes that you are passionate about. If you decide that your major is not for you, it is not too late to change and SNC Career Services is a great resource to use.

Cafeteria: Sophomore year is probably the last year you will have an unlimited meal plan, so live it up. You will look back to the glory days of sophomore year when you are a senior eating microwaveable Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for the fourth night in one week. Enjoy the potato bowl, turkey shwarma and the delectable desserts as much as you can!


Study Abroad: A big part of junior year for many SNC students is a semester abroad. Whether it’s a semester enjoying the kangaroos and sun in Australia, a semester of adventuring around Europe or a semester with an internship in Washington, D.C. there are opportunities for every person! While De Pere is a great place, SNC offers so many opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and to experience something entirely new for a semester.

Internships: As you are now an upperclassman it is important to start thinking about the future. Find an internship in your field, whether it be here in the Green Bay area during the academic year in your hometown, on campus or maybe in a new city for the summer. Find out the things that you want in a career, and maybe the things that you do not want in a future career. It is all about trying new things and learning extensively beyond the classroom setting.

Not Living in a Dorm: Another highlight of being an upperclassman is the ability to no longer live in a dorm. That means no longer having to share a tiny shower with twenty other people, having your own kitchen to cook in and possibly even your own bedroom that is bigger than your freshman year dorm room. From the townhouses, to Premontre and Xanten, Gries and college houses, there are so many options to make Junior year your best one yet.


Senior Events: There are many events on campus devoted just to seniors. From Beer Tasting, Wine Tasting and Cap and Gown. There are so many ways that SNC celebrates you being a senior and making it through all four years.

Friends: Senior year is the perfect time to celebrate the friendships you have made throughout your time here at SNC. Maybe a Spring Break trip with your friends or a dinner to celebrate the lasting relationships that SNC has brought you.

Graduation: Although it is a bittersweet time, there is so much to look back on from your time at SNC and the legacy that you have left on campus. Whether it be the friendships and relationships you have made, professors, travel experiences, volunteer work, sports achievements, musical successes or any other mark that you have left. Now, is the time to thank SNC for what they have given you and take all that you have learned into your future.

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