SNC Challenges to “Build a Better Burger”


St. Norbert College is always looking for ways to improve, especially when it comes to its nationally ranked food. This year is no different as SNC hosts a “Build a Better Burger” competition.

This idea was originally brought forward as an ides by Dan Froelich, Head Chef at St. Norbert College. Froelich is very familiar with a similar program done by the James Beard Foundation. The idea is to have a friendly competition among the chefs as well as educate the students on the benefits of a plant based diet.

The James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project aims to combine ground meat with chopped mushrooms  to make a healthier burger that is more sustainable for the planet. The winner of the SNC “Build a Better Burger” competition will get bragging rights, as well as enter their recipe to the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project.

Inspired by this competition, Froelich decided to challenge SNC to build a better burger. This is part of the Big Ideas Discussion Series, as various members will discuss the benefits of eating healthier by methods such as making burgers with mushrooms and beef.

Blending traditional beef with only 30% mushroom can save you almost 100 calories and many other healt benefits.

“We are always looking for venues where our chefs can showcase their expertise and develop new menu concepts. If this experience is well received by our students, expect to see more types of these events in the future.” said Mary Jo Morris, Director of Dining and Conference Services.

The teams consist of chefs paired with an event manager. The teams are: 1) Dan Staats, Assistant Head Chef, Ruth’s Marketplace & Jill Olson, Event Manager, Michels Commons 2) Ben Sauer, Assistant Head Chef, Catering & Amanda Beck, Event Manager, Michels Commons 3) T.W. Stanciu AM, Sous Chef & Abigail Malcolm, Event Manager, Bemis and 4) Brian Kerwin, PM Sous Chef / Jeremy Hjort, Event Manager, Bemis.

On Thursday, March 23, the competition will take place in Ruth’s Marketplace during regular dinner service. Students are encouraged to try any or all of the burgers and vote for their favorite.

The votes will then be tallied up and the winner will be chosen the following Friday. The winning burger will become a monthly feature at the Weekday Wellness station.

“SNC students deserve the best!  St. Norbert College Dining Services is proud to employ such a talented group of people.  This event will be an amazing interactive opportunity for guests to meet some of that team responsible for the wonderful meals provided here daily.” said Morris.

To learn more about a healthier lifestyle, join various St. Norbert College Dining Services members on March 29 in Mulva 101 at 2 p.m.


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