A Catholic Tradition


The St. Norbert Abbey Chapter of the Norbertine recently released one of their drafts for the St. Norbert College Catholic Identity Statement. Their statement is a reflection of the core traditions of the college, which are the Catholic faith, Norbertine and Liberal Arts.

St. Norbert College is based on the idea of communio, which originated from the Norbertine order of priests. In the twelfth century, Norbert of Xanten founded the order and his Catholic ideals are the inspiration for the creation of St. Norbert College. Norbert of Xanten was canonized into Sainthood in 1582. Saint Norbert is considered the patron and protector of the country of Bohemia.

In 1898, a Norbertine priest named Abbot Bernard Pennings founded the college and honored Saint Norbert by naming our college after him. The dedication to the core traditions of the college have been represented throughout the years, as we continue to grow within the Catholic faith. Through communio, our college spreads the tradition that was started centuries ago and continues to promote the Catholic faith every day.

The Norbertine order spans across six continents with multiple abbeys in countries like the United States. There are over a thousand members, who are priests or brothers and sisters of the church and who dedicate themselves to following the Norbertine way of life. Many of the priests on campus are part of the Norbertine order. They live at the St. Norbert Abbey, teach classes, and lead masses. The Norbertine order has an abbey in De Pere near our campus. In 2012, the General Chapter annual meeting was held within the abbey.

Within every aspect of our college, we are reminded of the core traditions and the history related to the Norbertine order. As the St. Norbert Abbey Chapter continues to create the perfect Catholic Identity Statement to represent our community as a whole, all students represent the beliefs put forth by the Catholic faith and continue to honor the Saints and the Catholic faith.


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