Climate Change is Real!


Wisconsin is a state known to have crazy weather, especially during the winter months, but 60 degree weather in February is almost unheard of, well, not anymore.

Warm weather is never unwelcome, and is a nice change when St. Norbert has been enduring the freezing temperatures of the frozen tundra that the Green Bay area is. However, the skyrocketing temperature followed by snow six days later is a telltale sign that our climate is being affected differently than it is supposed to be. Warmer temperatures definitely are expected in February, but usually that is an assumption of temperatures above twenty, not three times that. Even though it was more than enjoyable to wear sandals and short-sleeves this early, I could not help to think that these balmy conditions were really a bad sign. We do not realize how much damage we are contributing to our world, and how that damage is causing dramatic effects. I am not suggesting that we should not enjoy the beautiful weather when the opportunity presents itself, only that we should remember why this weather is presenting itself so early in the year.

Even though the May- like temperatures only lasted about a week, it still was rather alarming in a good and bad way. This drastic change in weather is not only bad for the earth, it is also shocking to a person’s body, both physically and emotionally. Our bodies should adjust with the weather, but usually the weather does not fluctuate this rapidly. Therefore, people could be more tired and be at higher risk for headaches. (Certain changes of the air pressure tend to cause headaches.) Emotionally, the strange weather patterns can be good and bad. For those who have seasonal affective disorder, the nice weather most likely brought positive moods, which is awesome. A lot of people struggle through Wisconsin’s long winters, even if they are used to it, so nice weather will always brighten smiles and outlooks. Personally, I very much enjoyed the warm weather, but also was disheartened to see it come in the first place, because it means that not all the people of the world are trying their hardest to prevent climate change. Also, it is upsetting when nature teases us with a glimpse of spring, then follows up with a huge snowfall to demolish our hopes for the end to winter. However, the snapshot of spring we had in February does mean that hopefully in the next month Wisconsin will start to fully thaw and summer will be on its way.

In just a few weeks, the grass will be turning green and leaves will start to bud on trees, nature will attempt to follow its intended path and fight against the harm from humanity.


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