Love Yourself


For both men and women, looking at any advertisement or looking at celebrity Instagram accounts, it can be easy to compare yourself to those people with often impractical, unrealistic body types. Everyone has a different body type because that is simply how we were made. It is important to love ourselves, as our body is our home and we are only given one, so we might as well give it as much love as possible. Here are five ways to love yourself and the body you were given:

1. Daily Encouragement. Fill the sides of your mirror with positive statements and encouraging quotes on post-it notes as daily reminders that you are beautiful and that your body is beautiful just the way it is. Some examples of quotes are, “Do not let your mind bully your body”, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are,” “Be proud of who you are and not how others see you.”

2. Eat healthy. Making sure that you are getting enough fruit and vegetables in your diet is essential for giving your body enough energy throughout the day and to maintain healthy eating patterns. It doesn’t mean you should cut potato chips and cookies out of your diet, but maybe instead of going for cookies every time you are going through the pantry, just sometimes going for an apple or carrots for a midnight snack instead.

3. Exercise. Do what you love! Whether that’s running on a treadmill or doing yoga, there is something for everyone when it comes to exercise. Even if you exercise 2-3 times a week, it will help give you confidence and will help your body gain strength to stay healthy.

4. Journal. Take time to journal. Write down 10 things you love about yourself. When you are having a bad day, look back on the list and remind yourself the things that you think are special about yourself.

5. Stop putting your body down. Whether it is a friend who constantly talks about weight and how fat he or she is, instead of then going along with your friend and putting down your body, build each other up. Compliment your friend or talk about healthy habits or goals that you can make together. Boost each other up, instead of putting your own body down. Love yourself!


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