A Letter from the Editors


Do you ever watch a show, listen to a podcast or read an article and think, “Who the heck comes up with, creates or approves this stuff?” If you ever wonder that about The St. Norbert Times this year or have already wondered it, here’s where you can direct your praise (or blame, but we like to stay positive).

We, Anastasia and Alex, are the editors in chief of the paper this year, and we are both elated and excited to take on these roles. We’re also anxious and often terrified, too, but hey: aren’t most of us in college and especially those of us in leadership positions?

We started working for the Times as first-years happily writing our hearts out about sports, news and entertainment. We told each other that we’d be editors in chief our senior year, and, lo and behold, we actually are! (We also told each other that after becoming editors in chief we’d take over the world, so just a heads-up for that in the next five years or so.)

So just who are we, and what do we want to do with the paper? You’ve already read this far, so keep on trucking and let us tell you.

Anastasia is a computer science major with an economics minor. In addition to the St. Norbert Times, Anastasia is a computer science TA and is involved with Graphos and Omicron Delta Epsilon on campus. She enjoys playing games (both tabletop and video), and has recently begun to learn how to play the guitar.

Anastasia joined the paper because she likes to write and she loves sports and various forms of entertainment, which is why she started as a writer for Sports and Entertainment. She takes great pride in the paper and hopes to help make it as great as it can be!

Alex is a theology/religious studies and history major with a Spanish minor and a passion for (read: obsession with) ice cream. He has his hands in a lot of pies at SNC, not only because he’s involved in a number of different groups like NRHH, ODK, Knights for Life, Graphos and the theatre department (check them all out!) but also because he has an insatiable sweet tooth.

Alex joined the paper because he likes to write and to work with grammar, and the paper is one of the few entities for which he can do both these things without feeling stressed – or at least as stressed as he feels when writing for classes. He wants to make the oft-used word “communio” a reality for every person who steps on the campus of St. Norbert College and, ideally, for every person in the world.

We would like to see the “Times” tackle more serious and investigative pieces this year, shedding light on both serious and light, relevant and zany topics in the vein of the college theme “Fiat Lux.” We also want to engage more with the student body and local community via social media, advertising and feedback. We hope that we can incorporate the ideas of our talented newspaper team, student body, staff and faculty into the paper and put it on a track for development, growth and betterment not just this year but over many years.

We know that things will not always go perfectly and that mistakes will be made. However, we accept that as part of being an organization run by humans. We follow the philosophy that one of us famously and mistakenly put in an issue of the “Times” two years ago (Alex would die of embarrassment): “What could wrong?”

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we’d be elated to hear from you, readers! Give us your thoughts, questions, comments, suggestions or puns at times@snc.edu or our Facebook page. We look forward to working with you and keeping St. Norbert College informed this year.


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