A Little History


Did you know that “The St. Norbert Times” has been in operation since 1929?

Since the first issue was published, the biweekly St. Norbert Times has been entirely student run, supplying accurate and unbiased information to the campus. The student journalists share crucial information and entertaining stories about events and topics on and off campus.

This organization highlights the purpose of the Norbertine tradition and is a strong representation of communio thanks to the diligence of its participants. T”he St. Norbert Times has” become a tradition itself, thanks to the hard work of the students who originally created the paper and to the ones who kept the paper up and running.

Anyone can get involved, and it is a great way to improve writing skills and stay informed with what is happening on campus and around the world. The organization is always welcoming new writers and story ideas. In fact, the newspaper encourages the public to submit ideas and events that are going on around the St. Norbert community. The participants of the paper work closely with their peers to produce a professional newspaper for St. Norbert College.

Originally, the purpose of the paper was to allow students interested in media and writing to have the opportunity to get some first-hand experience. Now, it has become a great outlet for students to become more connected and engaged in the campus and surrounding communities Readers can find copies of the paper spread around campus as well as online.

A new issue comes out every two weeks during the school year, totaling seven issues a semester. The newspaper has several sections, including Features, Opinion, Entertainment, News, Opinion and Sports. Each section has an editor and several writers; all are students.

The members of the organization meet weekly and toss around story ideas and ways to improve writing. Also, just like all other organizations on campus, the St. Norbert Times partakes in various service opportunities and events throughout the semester.

Information to get involved can be found by visiting the St. Norbert Times website or Facebook page,  or by emailing times@snc.edu.


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