Junk Drawer: Rainy Day Films


Alex: “Ted” Films 

In recent years, Seth Macfarlane has entertained people with his crude but funny television shows and the “Ted” films are no exception. In “Ted”, John Bennett must choose between living alone with his girlfriend Lori, or let ting his talking teddy bear, named Ted, continue to stay with him and Lori. In “Ted 2”, Ted must fight to prove that he is legally a person so that he and his wife Tammi-Lynn can adopt a baby. While watching both movies, there were just so many scenes that I just could not stop laughing at and the entire concept of both films was just so entertaining to watch. So, while people might hate themselves for laughing at some of the disgusting humor, I would still recommend that people see these movies as soon as possible.

Ben: “Over the Hedge”

Generally, most people experience diminishing returns when it comes to comedy. For some reason though, Dreamworks’ “Over the Hedge” has never failed to make me laugh. No matter my mood or the weather—rain, snow, or sunshine—the movie just has a nonstop (somewhat chaotic) energy to it that is infectious. I think it’s the characters that do it for me. They have kind of trope-ish traits, but their chemistry together, especially RJ’s suave charisma and Verne’s paranoid anxiety, works perfectly. It has some of the Hammie-est (get it?) jokes you’ll ever see, but it’s a great film for when the skies are a little dreary.

Eduardo: “Cinema Paradiso”

As far as film classics go, this 1988 movie by Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore is one of the most memorable and emotional motion pictures in history. Starting off during Salvatore’s – the main character’s – early years in the fictional town of Giancaldo after World War II, the audience experiences the young protagonist grow, fall deeply in love, join the military and leave his home to pursue his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. A truly moving story with a gorgeous soundtrack composed by Ennio and Andrea Morricone, “Cinema Paradiso” is the perfect match to a rainy day in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Heidi: “The Sound of Music”

On a dreary day when fat drops of rain fall from the sky, movies beg to be watched. The question is, what movie? It has to be a fun movie; one that can lift the spirits of the people watching it. “The Sound of Music” is perfect to lift spirits. Based on the real life story of the Von Trapp family, “The Sound of Music” centers around Maria, played by Julie Andrews, a postulant in an Austrian abbey who becomes the governess of seven children and brings new vitality to the house through music and song. With songs like “My Favorite Things” and “The Sound of Music,” the gloominess of the day will be forgotten. Seriously, this movie needs to be watched. It’s a classic.

Rebecca: “Jurassic Park” Movies

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and lounge around in your pajamas all day, snuggled up in a blanket on the couch sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate. I love to just sit and watch the storm outside my window. I can’t do that all day though. Instead, it’s a great time to watch a movie. Or a marathon of them. My favorite movies include the “Jurassic Park” trilogy and “Jurassic World”. In my opinion, the pattering of rain, occasional crack of thunder and scattered flashes of lightning adds to the overall experience of the movie. It is especially helpful during the sections of the movie when the characters are in a storm themselves. It helps to make you feel like you’re in the movie yourself. That, and who doesn’t like a good dinosaur movie?

Sam: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” 

My rainy day movie is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. This movie pretty much ruins my day, but I am hard-pressed to find any movie that impacts me as emotionally as this one. Throughout this movie as a man loses his memories, the weather is gloomy and raining. The atmosphere of the film just feels like a rainy day. If I am in for the day and just want to be completely immersed in a tragic story, this is the movie I reach for.


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