Junk Drawer: Summer Playlist


Sam Sorenson

“Buddies” by Quelle Chris: This song was my self-confidence anthem for the summer and the album that it comes from is one of my favorites from this year so far.

“While You’re Alive” by Jeff Rosenstock: I spent a lot of my time with friends and really tried to enjoy the ones closest to me, showing my appreciation to have them in my life.

“Lava Lamp” by Thundercat: This song was just stuck in my head most of the summer. The way Thundercat uses his voice to harmonize with the underlying vocals is mesmerizing.

“Falling” by Julee Cruise: I went on a huge “Twin Peaks” kick at the beginning of the summer so naturally the theme song became a major part of my days.

“Milk” by Brockhampton: This song is just one of the best written songs from this summer courtesy of one of my favorite groups.


Ben Paplham

“Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes: I watched a couple Wes Anderson films during my break and for some reason, Fleet Foxes reminds me of Anderson’s surrealist style.

“Complication” by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D: I watched the anime series “Durarara!!” over the summer and this was my favorite opening song, used in episodes 13-25.

“Eria” by Two Steps From Hell: I did a lot of writing this summer, and when I’m working, I like listening to instrumental and/or calming music. Two Steps From Hell’s “Eria” is a beautiful song from their album “Miracles.”

“Sleeping at the Wheel” by Matchbox Twenty: I took a step back in time to the ’90s and discovered some songs I’ve never heard before from Matchbox Twenty, like “Overjoyed” and “Sleeping at the Wheel.”

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons: At the end of summer, I needed a catchy, upbeat song to keep me motivated, and Imagine Dragons never fails to do that for me.


Anastasia Montovan

This summer was spent with new friends exploring the northern part of Kentucky. Here are five songs I think really capture the essence of my summer:

“Thnks fr th Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy: Every time I think of saying goodbye to people I’ve made memories with, I think of this song. Probably because I’m pop punk and full of angst.

“Mess” by Real Friends: “No need to be perfect, just happy.” This song makes me feel good about myself. And if there was one person I really liked this summer, it was me.

“Party on Apocalypse” by New Found Glory: Society proved this summer that people aren’t always the greatest. This song is about having a good time even when the world doesn’t seem so great.

“Nice2KnoU” by All Time Low: I met some awesome people this summer.  The memories we made were awesome, and I’ll never forget them.

“Voldemort” by With Confidence: This song is just a jam. This summer was a good time.


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