Junk Drawer: What’s on Netflix?


Anastasia: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A timeless classic, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” first aired way back in 1994. It heavily reused clips from the Japanese franchise “Super Sentai.” The American actors are only in the scenes where the Power Rangers are not in costume; everything else is reused footage. What can you expect from this show? Well, if you’re that far behind in 90s pop culture, I’ll tell you. You can expect a catchy theme song, some quality martial arts, a knife flute, pretty cool mechs (called zords) and, of course, the cheesy special effects the franchise is known for. While some of the other Power Rangers series are objectively better than “Mighty Morphin,” I recommend starting where it all began.

Ben: The Good Place

Most comedies take a little time to find their footing, and many people have cried out in anguish at their new favorite comedy show being cancelled after only a half or one season. But those cries can disappear into the wind, because I guarantee that NBC’s comedy “The Good Place” is here to stay. (The first episode of season two premiers on Sep. 20, and it looks amazing!) Led by Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, the show is about a woman named Eleanor who wakes up dead. Michael, a being from the afterlife, welcomes her with open arms to The Good Place. He shows her around the afterlife, introducing her to her friendly neighbors, Tahani and Jianyu, and her soulmate Chidi. Everything is perfect—except there’s been a mistake. Eleanor is not supposed to be in The Good Place. On Earth, she was a pretty rotten person (not murderous-rampage bad, but still not that great). She enlists the aid of her new friends to keep her secret from Michael and tries to survive being trapped in paradise.

Sam: Creep (2014)

My Netflix recommendation is the indie horror movie Creep, just in time for the beginning of the fall season. Creep is a genuinely unsettling horror movie that stars a man who is dying of cancer that hires someone to film a few days with him as a video for his son. There were very few moments during this movie where I did not feel tense, and I was pleasantly surprised. I had only known the lead actor of this movie, Mark Duplass, from his comedy show The League, and I don’t think I will ever be able to look at him the same way. A sequel to the film is coming out in October, and I recommend that you check this out before then. Horror movie sequels are generally pretty rough, but I have high hopes for this one.


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