Saint Norbert College Homecoming!


Did you hear the sounds of a symphony in the air last week? Maybe you ate s’mores behind Main Hall or won a prize at Trivia Night? If you did then you were a part of Saint Norbert College’s Heritage Week!

The college commemorated the history of the only Norbertine college in the world from Oct. 10 through 14. During the same week, the college also held its homecoming festivities and the inauguration of the new college president Brian Bruess ’90.

Heritage Week began Sunday Night with “Light Up Campus,” a prayerful, candle-lit ceremony where the flag was raised over Main Hall and illuminated with a floodlight. Afterwards students were encouraged to wear homecoming pins and post pictures on social media under the hashtag #SNCHOCO2017.

St. Norbert College students jumped right into Homecoming on Monday when they watched staff and students compete in a cannonball contest in the Mulva Family Fitness and Sports Center’s pool. Competing divers were:

President Bruess ’90, Mehakupinder Chahal ’18, Fr. Mike Brennan ’99, Bert Bengston ’18, De’Ette Radant ’15, John Berens ‘18, Frank Scandin ‘19 and Dr. John Russel all competed. The stands were overflowing with students who watched the participants compete in three rounds: cannonball, freestyle and biggest splash.

Additional events included a three-way race across the pool (won by Fr. Mike Brennan) and a tie breaker between President Brian Bruess and De’Ette Radant. Frank Scandin ’19 won best form and the freestyle category; Bert Bengston ’18 won best costume by dressing as Captain America; and President Bruess won biggest splash.

Tuesday’s events began at 8 a.m. with the Founder’s Day Prayer Breakfast and a presentation of the Founder’s Awards. During that day, the college celebrated 119 years of Catholic education by providing birthday cake for students at Ruth’s Marketplace. Later that night, students were invited to Dale’s to compete for prizes in a trivia contest about Norbertine Heritage and SNC history. There was also a free concert held in Walter Theatre, which featured Street Corner Symphony.

Wednesday was Inauguration Day, and it began with a 12:30 p.m. Mass of Celebration at Saint Norbert Abbey. Students were bused to the Abbey for this event. Starting at noon until later in the evening, all non-essential services and classes at the college were suspended so that as many staff members and students could attend as possible. Following the Mass, at 2:30 p.m., the official Presidential Inauguration was held in the Walter Theater, followed by a campus-wide reception.

It was rather quiet around campus Thursday, but things picked back up Friday with a 7 p.m. pep rally. As part of a new tradition at the college, staff selected students whom they felt displayed the “Norbertine values of communio and radical hospitality on campus.”

Students were given the chance on Monday and Tuesday to vote for three classmates to represent their class as their Homecoming Knights. The Homecoming Knights were then crowned at the pep rally. Following the pep rally, a bonfire was held in the volleyball sandpits behind Main Hall, where s’mores & hot chocolate were provided.

Saturday was one of the busiest days of the SNC homecoming week. At 11:30 a.m., students were invited to the annual chili cook-off, where they could taste three SNC favorite chili recipes. At 1 p.m., the Green Knights played the University of Chicago Maroons and, following the game, homecoming festivities were held, including a food truck, a DJ and music.

Later, students danced the night away at the first-ever Norbertine Heritage Ball held in the Mulva Family Fitness and Sports Center. Music was provided by the band RPM and door prizes were awarded, including five $50 bookstore gift certificates.


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