Schneider 5K Fosters Communio


The Donald J. Schneider Memorial 5K celebrated its sixth annual run this year on SNC Day, Saturday, Sept. 16.

“It’s a great way to kick off the day,” says Dr. Anna Herrman, a communications professor as well as co-director of the annual 5K along with Dr. Jim Neulip.

Herrman has been on the committee organizing the 5K for four years now. Herrman accepted the role at the request of Dr. Neulip and was eager to be a part of the run from a new perspective, helping to make the run fun for the runners.

The memorial run is organized in part to raise funds for the Donald J. Schneider Scholarship at SNC but also to honor Schneider’s legacy at the college. Schneider graduated from St. Norbert College in 1957 with a degree in business and went on to become president, CEO and chairman of Schneider National based in Ashwaubenon, Wis.

Schneider and his family donated the Donald J. Schneider Stadium and founded the Donald J. Schneider School of Business & Economics at St. Norbert.

“It’s a nice way to honor the Schneider family and the partnership St. Norbert shares with Schneider,” says Herrman.

Many Schneider employees turn out for the run as well. Not only is the 5K a fun and healthy way to begin SNC Day, but it’s also a celebration to the close relationship the college and Schneider continue to have.

Though most students have grown accustomed to the 5K, it is still a relatively new attraction to the community. Still, in the six short years St. Norbert has hosted the memorial run, attendance has grown to around 250 competitors.

There is a broad spectrum of racers in attendance each year. Whether they’re in it to win or just want to walk the 5K, participants are just happy to be a part of this annual event and help donate to the Donald J. Schneider scholarship.

“Just seeing everyone having fun and the enthusiasm of the runners at 9:30 a.m. is great,” Herrman says.

A lifelong runner herself, Herrman loves being able to organize the day and see the race from an alternate perspective than that of a runner. Although the run is not too time consuming, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into it.

There is a lot to consider: the marketing and publicizing of the run, the police presence needed on the course and setting up the actual course, as well as taking it down.

One of the more unique aspects of the run is that each spring, SNC graphic design students compete to create the design of the long-sleeve shirt participants receive for their registration and participation in the race.

“The dri-fit t-shirts are my favorite part; they’re really nice to run in after the run and to wear around to class too,” says Maddie Joski ’18, participant for the last four years.

As far as the future of the run goes, the committee has big plans. Within the next five years, Herrman aims to boost attendance to 500 participants and to increase the marketing of the run within the SNC community, encouraging participation from more professors, different departments and more students, as well.

This year was the second year Waseda Farms sponsored the run, a huge step in the grand plan of the 5K.

At the end of the day, it really is all about helping with more funding for the scholarship. With more sponsorships and participation, that’s just even more that can then be donated to the Donald J. Schneider Scholarship.

The Donald J. Schneider Memorial 5K is so much more than just another 5K or even just another event at SNC Day. It is a celebration of the St. Norbert community and the surrounding community, as well as recognition of the many wonderful relationships St. Norbert has and continues to maintain. At its core, the run fosters and encourages communio while celebrating the life and contributions of Donald J. Schneider, who helped to change this campus and this community for the better.


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