Football Traditions at SNC


Some individuals have different traditions or superstitions that they do before every game or after every game whether it be what they wear of what they do. Different sports and different team have different traditions that they follow over the years and pass down to the younger players on the team.

Here at St Norbert, our very own football team have some of those traditions. One may remember ringing the victory bell or walking by and touching it at their first week here at St Norbert College during convocation, and if you do not remember that then you will see it again at graduation. But there are other places it could be seen, with home football games being one of them.

At every home football game, the boys bring the victory bell onto the field and after every game they go up and ring the bell as they leave. It has become a tradition for all the players after every home game to ring the bell to show a sign of school spirit. But that’s not the only tradition the boys of fall take part in. As they walk out of the locker room before the game you can catch them patting a rock. The particular rock that they they pat before every game was placed there to remember the Minahan Stadium which stood before our new Schneider stadium today.

So the next time you watch St. Norbert Football, listen for the victory bell and look for these historic traditions!


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