Hot Seat – The Greek’s Freakish Start and College Football


Reactions to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Start to the Season

Graeme: It is safe to say that Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Bucks has had an absolutely insane start to the year.  Over the first 5 games of the season, the Greek Freak has averaged over 35 points per game and 10 rebounds a game.  Giannis has dominated the paint and has established himself as one of the premier forces in the league.  In addition to this, Giannis is setting up his teammates with 5 assists per game and has been stellar on defense with almost two blocks a game.  However, is this play sustainable?  Can we expect this to be the case for the rest of the season?  To be honest, I do not believe that we can.  Giannis is a great player but, in order for the Bucks to truly do well this year, other people need to step up and help him. And I think that this can be expected to happen.  Defenses will start to cover Giannis more, leading more opportunities for Parker, Snell, and others.  I think that you can expect Giannis’ points to drop them to about 25 per game, but his assists to increase to around 8 per game.

Addy: The Greek Freak has played four games and he is already on fire. He’s averaging 36.8 points a game at the time of this article. For comparison, Steph Curry is currently averaging 29.2. Giannis is on his way to MVP. I am calling it right now. He is also averaging four points more in field goals than LeBron James. I know points are not the major deciding factors in a great player, but Giannis is a great player. I think we can expect this throughout the season.

Reactions to Top 5 in College Football

Graeme: After another exciting week of College Football, the AP top five is looking very interesting.  At number one, we have the always consistent Alabama.  They had a bye week this weekend, but have a huge test next week against LSU.  Georgia looks to have moved up a spot to number two after stomping Florida away from home.  Coming off a huge win against Penn State, Ohio State jumps to number three.  The 8-0 Wisconsin Badgers come in at number four after another great win against Illinois.  Lastly, we have Penn State who are reeling off a heartbreaking loss to OSU.  After looking at this weekend, I believe that the Badgers are in a very good state right now and are going to have a big season.  All they do is win, and I expect that they will continue to do so.  Alabama will get a big win against LSU and will stay at number one for awhile more.  But, for me, Penn State is the most interesting team in the mix right now.  It will be intriguing to see how the bounceback from the loss.  Depending on how well they do this, will determine what the rest of their season will look like.

Addy: According to the AP Poll, the top five teams in NCAA Division I football right now are Wisconsin, TCU, Georgia, Penn State, and Alabama. Wisconsin is undefeated going into week nine and I think they will stay this way for some time yet. With quarterback Alex Hornibrook and running back Jonathan Taylor, the Badgers look strong against upcoming rival Illinois Fighting Illini. The TCU Horned Frogs have looked great so far. They lead the Big 12 right now, but they are going up against second ranked Iowa State. Iowa took down Oklahoma a few weeks ago, but can they take down TCU? The Georgia Bulldogs sit at number three and I am fine with that. I think they are exactly where they belong. Penn State looks great this season. If they beat Ohio State in week nine, I will not be surprised. Saquon Barkley, their running back, has eight touchdowns and 757 rushing yards this season. With him, Penn State undoubtedly deserves the number two spot. And Alabama definitely deserves to be the top ranked team. Nick Saban is a fantastic coach. I expect nothing but victories from them throughout the rest of the season. They have a good quarterback with Jalen Hurts and a strong defense allowing only an average of 9.8 points against them. I like these rankings and am excited to see what week nine does to these standings.


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