Books That Should Be Made Into Movies


Personally, I love when my favorite novels are turned into movies. It’s amazing to see what I imagine on the pages come to life on the screen. I have been disappointed in some adaptations, namely the “Percy Jackson” movies, because quite frankly the movies sucked. Most adaptations, however, are really well done and stay true to the material, like “Harry Potter” and “The Hunger Games.” Though these movies were really good, I am still waiting on several movie adaptations of books.

One series I have always thought would make fascinating movies is “The Red Rising Series,” by Pierce Brown. The books describe a society in which there is a hierarchy based on colors: Reds, Pinks, Greens, Blues, Grays, Browns, Oranges, Yellows, Obsidians, Golds. Darrow, a Red by birth and therefore in the lowest tier of society, is “carved” into a Gold in order to infiltrate the government. As far as the movie goes, it is in production, but I’m interested to know how they will be created. For one, Darrow’s transformation is from a very scrawny kid with red hair and eyes to a 6’8” god-like person with golden hair and eyes. Second, the majority of the series is in space, more specifically a human civilization on Mars. Obviously, the budget for the first movie must be insanely high, but I hope it’s worth it.

Though “The Red Rising Series” is very popular, “The Tortall Series” by Tamora Pierce is rather unknown. This series takes place in Tortall, a land in the time of castles, kings and knights. But it’s not set in our world; magic and mystery pervade the realm. The first book in the series, called “Alanna: The First Adventure,” centers around Alanna, a young girl who is more interested in becoming a knight than in becoming a lady. Her twin Thom wants to become a sorcerer rather than a knight. To combat this problem, Alanna and Thom switch places; Alanna pretends to be “Alan” and journeys to the capital to become a knight. And there her story begins. I don’t see a movie in the future, because the series was first published in 1983. If anything was going to happen it would have happened by now. This series might just have to stay as a movie in my head.

Surprise, surprise! The last series also is sci-fi and fantasy. “The Uglies Series,” by Scott Westerfeld, explores the obsession of looks in our society using a distant future. When each citizen turns 16, they undergo a plastic surgery that makes them insanely pretty. This prettiness, however, comes at a cost. Tally Youngblood, a few days away from her own operation, sneaks out to visit her friend Peris, who, having already gotten the surgery done, lives in New Pretty Town. In the town, she meets Shay, another Ugly who is hesitant about getting the operation. Shay runs away to a mysterious place called the “Smoke,” giving Tally cryptic directions. The rights to the movie were picked up in 2006, and the movie was set to be released in 2011 but was pushed back. So…maybe?

These are the three series that I would love to see as movies, but there are, of course, many others. “Nineteen Minutes,” by Jodi Picoult, would be an incredibly depressing movie but also examine problems of society. “The Lunar Chronicles,” by Marissa Meyer, would be so fun to see on screen because they are a mix of fairy tales and sci-fi. Lastly, the “Percy Jackson” movies need to be remade. I don’t think I’ll ever let that disaster go.


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