A Winter Reflection


As the semester comes to a close and students at St. Norbert College are finishing either their first or yet another semester on campus, it is a good time to look back at the last few months.

The 2017 – 2018 year started off with many new changes here on campus, including the welcoming of a new president and the use of a whole new fitness center for not only sports activities, but also for the first annual Heritage Ball.

The new president and his wife have been graciously welcomed to SNC and students love hearing their SNC student stories. Like many of the students on campus, President Bruess lived in Burke Hall during his four years on campus. Both President and Dr. Bruess strive to get involved with the students in different ways, including their appearances around campus and at events like hockey games and at Dance Marathon’s Miracle Day.

During October, the college held the first annual Heritage Ball, that ended the college’s Heritage week, which is more commonly known as homecoming week. The ball was a spectacular success, with over 400 students, faculty, and community friends in attendance. The Mulva Family Fitness Center’s gym was transformed into a ballroom with beautiful lights and decorations. Everyone who attended had a great time and looks forward to the second annual event next fall.

Also, organizations here at SNC have been welcoming new members this fall. Social groups, fraternities, and sororities have increased their families here on campus and are celebrating their new members. New friendships and connections are being made everyday on campus, whether it be though organizations, classes, or work.

With only a few weeks left of the semester, students are not only preparing for their finals, but they are also already preparing for the spring semester. Hopefully, all of the students have their classes planned and are ready to take the next step towards graduation.

As the days grow colder and shorter, finals week grows steadily nearer. Students are hopefully somewhat prepared for their exams and not overly stressed about their grades. The last few weeks of classes should be enjoyable for all, not stressful.

There is still time for several fun events on campuss like Faculty, Flapjacks and Finals on Monday, Dec. 11 and the Christmas dinner at Ruth’s Marketplace on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Before everyone knows it, December 15 will be here and everyone will be heading home for the well-deserved holiday break.


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