Fall Sports Wrap Up


Football ended with a 7-3 standing in their 2017 fall season. Early in the season they took a couple tough losses against UW-Stevens Point and Benedictine University making them 0-2. Looking ahead into further games into the season they won seven straight games against Grinnell College, Knox College, Ripon College, University of Chicago, Lawrence University, Macalester College and Beloit College leading them to a 7-2 standing overall. But sadly the last game of the season against Monmouth College in the MWC Championship game was a tough and close loss with a score of 9-6 in OT finishing off the season with 7-3.

Volleyball ended with an overall 13-16 for their season ender. They started with a tough tournament loss in Iowa and a match against Dominican University making them 0-5. But in the Oshkosh invite, they picked up a couple wins against Benedictine, Wisconsin Lutheran and Martin Luther College and picking up one loss in the UW Oshkosh tournament making them 3-6. As the season went on they picked up a couple more tough losses making them 3-12 later than winning a match against Lawrence University making them 4-12, but sadly adding one more loss making them 4-13. But as the later half of the season progressed, they won eight straight matches putting them at 12-13, but taking a few more losses to add up to a 12-14 standing. As the season came to an end at the Midwest Conference Tournament in Iowa, they then took a win against Ripon College and a loss against Cornell college for a 13-16 season standing.

Women’s Golf started off the season with a seventh place out of twelve teams with a score of 748 points. As the season went on, they took third place finishes at the UW-Eau Claire Invitational out of 9 teams scoring 722 points, Marian University Invitational out of 9 teams scoring 762 points, and another third place finish at the Benedictine University Invitational out of 5 teams with a score of 692. They then took a ninth place finish out of sixteen teams with a score of 727 points at the UW-Whitewater Invitational. At the UW-Stevens Point Invitational, they took a seventh place finish out of thirteen teams with an ending score of 707. With the Midwest Championship in Illinois, they took a second place finish out of five teams scoring 1051 points before the season ending until the UW-Whitewater Invitational in April.

Men’s Cross Country got underway as they started their first two meets with a second place finish and 76 points scored in the Tom Barry Invitational and a first place finish and 55 point lead out of 12 teams at the Concordia University invitational. Later into the season, the team took on a few bigger meets with a sixth place finish and scored 169 points in the Augustana College Brissman-Lundeen Invitational and a third place finish out of fifteen teams scoring 96 points. Afte those bigger meets they took on a few smaller meets, one being at Lawrence University with a seventh place out of eight teams scoring 193 and one more bigger meet before the championships and regionals at UW-Oshkosh Kollegetown Invitational scoring 423 point and ending with a sixteenth place finish out of twenty-six teams. As the Midwest Conference Championship and Midwest Regionals came about, the team took sixth out of tenth place scoring 148 point at conference and a twenty-fifth place finish out of thirty-six teams and scored 719 points ending the season.

Men’s Soccer ended with an overall standing of 14-4-2. In the first couple weeks of September, men’s soccer took a mix of wins and losses, one being in double overtime and even a tie in double overtime putting them at 3-3-1. In the late weeks of September and up to the late weeks of October, the team took eleven straight wins with one being in overtime making them 6-3-1 and later on putting them up to 14-3-1. As the boys played Knox College, both put up a tough fight and ended the game at double overtime with a score of 0-0 making them 14-3-2. In the Midwest Conference Tournament, the boys took a tough loss to Lake Forest College ending their season with the 14-4-2 standing.

Women’s Soccer ended with a 12-4-3 standing for their fall season. Just like the men’s soccer team, the first couple weeks of September they took a mix of losses and wins. With those mixes of wins and loses, they began with a 3-4 record. Then, for five straight games they won pushing their record into 8-4 then broke that winning streak with a tie in double overtime against Lake Forest College making them 8-4-1. Later after that tie, they had won four more games making them 12-4-1 up until reaching another tie against Knox College in double overtime as well making them  12-4-2. In the Midwest Conference Tournament the women’s soccer team tied with Monmouth College making their season record 12-4-3.

Women’s Tennis within the month of September and the few weeks of October, had a mix of wins and losses putting them at a 10-5 standing so far. With the first five matches of the season in the books, the team pull together four wins and one loss against UW-La Crosse making them 4-1. The next three matches of the season were a little bit tougher giving them two losses and one win against Elmhurst College putting them at 5-3. After those tough losses they then went on a 5 match winning streak putting them at 10-3, but later then ending the season with two losses against Grinnell College and Cornell College putting them at 10-5 before the Midwest Championship in April.

Women’s Crossy Country throughout the season took a pretty steady lead throughout all the meets leading up to the Midwest Conference Championship and Midwest Regionals. The first two meets of the year, the women took a first place lead at the Tom Barry Invitational and Concordia Invitational out of thirteen and fourteen teams scoring 31 and 34 points. The next three slightly bigger meets at Augustana they scored 180 points with a sixth out of seventeenth place finish, Wisconsin Lutheran Invitational scoring a 49 with a first place finish out of fifteen teams and at Carleton College Running of The Cows Meet scoring 183 points with a sixth place finish out of fourteen teams. With a little bit smaller meet at Lawrence before a bigger meet at UW Oshkosh, they scored 49 points with a second place finish out of seven teams then moving onto a bigger meet taking first out of twenty-four team and scoring a 93. One meet before the Conference meet and Regional Meet, the women took on Wisconsin Private College Championship and took a third place finish out of twelve teams and a score of 89 points. At the Midwest Conference Championship, they took a first place finish out of nine teams scoring 37 points then later on moving onto Regionals with an overall finish of eighth place out of thirty-seven and with a score of 271 points.


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