Student Spotlight: Becca Jenneman ’19 | Knights on Broadway


Major(s): English with a Creative Writing emphasis

Why did you choose SNC?

My older sister was planning on going here and she told me that SNC had a great program for my major so I decided to check it out. I got accepted, went on a tour and fell in love with the campus.

What do you hope to do after college?

I’m planning on just working after college, not really sure where at the moment and staying very involved with music at my church. I also hope to finish writing one of my stories and get it published if I can. I really want to write, even if I can’t do it right away.

How did you get involved with Knights on Broadway?

My mom told me about Knights on Broadway after I got accepted to SNC and that she got us tickets to their spring show. My high school choir director, who had graduated from SNC and was part of KOB during his time here, was going to that show as well and told me that I NEEDED to try out for it. After seeing the show with my mom, I was positive that I wanted to just as badly as he did.

Do you have any particular favorite songs you’ve performed over the years?

My favorite song I performed was definitely “Shadowland” from The Lion King, which was my freshman feature. It had been my favorite Broadway song since I saw the show years before at the PAC and I also used it as my audition piece for KOB. It really showcased the fact that my voice is much bigger than my person and I loved the shocked looks on peoples faces when I started singing.

What would be your dream role on Broadway?

Unrealistically, I’d love to play Nala from The Lion King. She’s such a strong character with amazing songs. Realistically, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I played Belle when I was in middle school and she’s my favorite Disney princess so it would be a dream come true.

What other events/organizations are you a part of with SNC?

Currently, I’m not really part of anything else at SNC. I’ve been trying to get a Campus Ministry Bible Study up and running but it’s been very difficult and it hasn’t gotten on it’s feet yet. I am a part of Sigma Tau Delta but because of my commitments to Church music, I haven’t been able to be as involved as I would like to be.

If you could have a mythological pet, what would it be?

Dragon. 100%. I want a dragon.

*Check out the Upcoming Events section for details on the upcoming Knight of Broadway showcase!


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