SNC Welcomes Film Festival 2018


From March 1 to March 4, the St. Norbert campus hosted the eighth annual Green Bay Film Festival (GBFF). On this occasion, 475 films were submitted for consideration, and 95 of them were selected to play during this season of the festival.

This year’s film festival consisted of two main sets including “Films Around Town” and “Weekend Extravaganza.” During the “Films Around Town” set, the Green Bay Film Festival played movies at several locations around town, including Luna Café, The Jackie Nitschke Center, The Village Grill and others. For the “Weekend Extravaganza,” the film festival was set on the SNC campus.

On Thursday, March 1, the first screening of the Green Bay Film Festival was a documentary titled “Invisible Hands,” followed by a group discussion on child labor and child trafficking within supply chains of the world’s biggest corporations at the Cassandra Voss Center. The rest of the festival took place at the Abbot Pennings Hall of Fine Arts for the remaining three days.

Part of the newspaper staff was able to attend the showing of “The Rocket” on Sunday, March 4, by the courtesy of festival director Cyndee Sweetland.

“The Rocket” offered the audience a story about Josh, a high school football player who suffers a severe head injury and is forced to change is life plans of being a football star. This film was based on the real-life story of director Richard Blake and was one of the most popular showings of the day.

The Green Bay Film Festival also gave the opportunity for the audience to talk to the filmmakers in a Q&A session after the film to learn more about the process that it took in writing, producing, filming and publishing these movies.

Another aspect of this festival was that the audience got to rate the movies they watched. Before the start of each film, each member of the audience was given a piece of paper in which the individuals could give a rating to how much they liked the film. This system allows the organizers of the festival to receive feedback that will ultimately be helpful for the upcoming seasons of the event.

During an interview with Cyndee Sweetland, she was asked, “Why did you pick St. Norbert as a location for the festival?” She responded: “This is the eighth year of the festival, and our third year at St. Norbert College. The facilities are just incredible! It is a great place to hold a festival like this.”

The benefit of these independent film festivals is that the movies become available at these events first before they circuit on platforms like Netflix, Amazon or even the cinema, making the costs of watching these movies very accessible.

The Green Bay Film Festival is a unique experience for anyone who is a fan of cinematography or for anyone who wants to spend some time alone or with friends watching movies. Whether they went this year or not, the whole SNC community should look out for another opportunity to attend next year.


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