Junk Drawer: Best Soundtrack

Alex: Jaws

When it comes to movies about sharks, “Jaws” is the most famous example and one of the most memorable things about this film is the musical score that was played whenever the shark was about to attack someone. Composed by John Williams, this musical score helped increase the amount of suspense and terror that was about to occur in a particular scene. After “Jaws” was released in theatres, this musical score was so good that John Williams won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1975. While “Jaws” can be considered a really old movie, this musical score is just one of many things that helps keep this film alive.

Ben: My Little Pony

I did some soul searching in the 15 minutes I have for writing this Junk Drawer before I have to scamper off to my next event, and asked myself if I really wanted to make my last Junk Drawer of my SNC Times career about “My Little Pony.” The answer was a definitive YES. I’m not ashamed to admit that “My Little Pony” is one of the best things to happen to animated television within the past decade (other highlights: “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10), “Bojack Horseman” (2014-present), “Gravity Falls” (2012-16) and “Over the Garden Wall” (2014)). One reason is the ridiculously catchy music, primarily composed by Daniel Ingram. The songs are a perfect blend of humor and clever lyrics, sometimes sprinkling in rifts on well-known artists (“I’ll Fly” in the season 5 episode “Tanks For the Memories” is a homage to Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks fr th Mmrs”). The show even dedicated a whole episode, “Pinkie Pride,” to Weird Al, who guest starred as a roaming, accordian-playing cheese-loving party planner.

Eduardo: The Mission

Film soundtracks come in many ways: they can be very subtle and gentle, almost unnoticeable or they can be very dramatic and in-your-face (think John Williams). Morricone, the pride of modern Italian music, is the best of both worlds. On one hand we have the memorable and epic “Ecstasy of Gold” from “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” and on the other we have something beautiful, laid-back and powerful as “Gabriel’s Oboe” from “The Mission.” Unlike the former, the soundtrack from “The Mission” feels more like waves of bliss rushing to stimulate one’s auditory system all at the same time. The choir featured in the soundtrack from “The Mission” brings the best out of Morricone’s composition abilities and combined with the beautiful, memorable melodies, orchestral arrangements and the movie itself, the music will bring anyone to tears.

Heidi: Shrek

Because there are so many good movies and TV shows with amazing scores, it was really hard for me to choose which one was my favorite. Should I choose “Harry Potter”? Or should I choose “Game of Thrones”? Ultimately, I decided on the soundtrack of “Shrek.” The scene where Shrek first meets Lord Farquaad, in which the ogre (with his “noble steed,” Donkey) must fight the potential heroes will forever be my favorite scene from this movie because of the song in the background. “Bad Reputation” perfectly matches the craziness of the scene,  and the song also evokes a sense of rebellion that I love. Of course, I couldn’t write about the “Shrek” soundtrack without mentioning “All Star,” probably one of the most iconic songs from any movie. “Hallelujah,” one of my favorite songs, is so emotional and heartfelt that perfectly captures the relationship between Shrek and Fiona.

Note from Copyeditor: Shrek is undeniably the best soundtrack ever! It is impossible to find a more early 2000’s soundtrack (believe me, I’ve tried).

Rebecca: Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad” has an interesting view on villains (or anti-villains?) and had some good songs in its soundtrack. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots was one of the stand-out songs and fit well with the story as it is about being careful about who you are with. I think that part of the song can carry over to any group of people. You don’t know what people can be like until you meet them and truly get to know them—what they do, likes, dislikes, personality, background etc. I also liked the “Sucker For Pain” feat (Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla $ign) mainly because Imagine Dragons was a part of it.

Sam: Bully

“Bully” tends to get forgotten when thinking of Rockstar games such as “Grand Theft Auto” and “Red Dead Redemption,” but it is one of my favorite games ever. No soundtrack is ingrained in my childhood than “Bully.” The glitzing bells highlight anytime you are traveling around the town, but each setting has different music. Whether it is another part of the nearby town or a changing season, the music reflects setting perfectly. My dream of another “Bully” game will probably never come  tto fruition, but I can console my sadness with its impeccable soundtrack.


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