The Most Anticipated Upcoming Books


Summer is just over the horizon, even though as I write this, the ground is covered in snow. For me, summer means a lot of work and a lot of catching up on reading. Unfortunately, the books keep piling up, due to more and more coming out. Here are my most anticipated upcoming books:.

“Leah on the Offbeat” by Becky Albertalli: This sequel to Albertalli’s “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” follows Simon’s best friend, Leah, as she navigates life and coming to terms with her sexuality. Set to come out on April 24, I’m excited for this book because I like the author’s style: light and funny, while also dealing with important issues. Sometimes, I like reading a book that I can read in one sitting, as opposed to some of the tomes I’ve had to read in college.

“The Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze” by Rick Riordan: These books have been a part of my life ever since third and fourth grade, when my teacher read the original “Percy Jackson” books aloud to our class. Ever since, I’ve read every Rick Riordan book I can get my hands on. This book will give me a sense of nostalgia, because some characters from the original series return to help Lester, otherwise known as the god Apollo, and Meg, on their quest. Full of diverse characters, witty and wacky jokes and exhilarating adventures, I cannot wait to read “The Burning Maze.” The book hits shelves on May 1.

“War Storm” by Victoria Aveyard: Coming May 15, “War Storm” is the fourth book in the “Red Queen” series. Though the novels are full of lines that seem to try a little to hard to be sharp and intelligent quotes, the premise is rather interesting: a world full of Silvers, who have special powers, and Reds, who have no powers. However, a group of Reds start to realize they have their own special powers, different (and perhaps more powerful) than those of the Silvers. “War Storm” is the final book of the series, following Mare Barrow as she tries to overthrow the oppressive Silver government.

I’m sure as time goes on there will be more and more books to add to my list. I’m not sure if I’ll ever read them all, because right now I can think of at least thirty books I want to read during the summer, but I’ll still try. 


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