Celebrating Our Donors


St. Norbert College honored its most generous donors Saturday evening with the President’s Club Gala: a night of food, drink, and music at the Mulva Library. 

The charity of others allows SNC to thrive, providing its students both scholarships and up to date facilities that allow for the best quality education. While St. Norbert College and its students are always appreciative of the financial assistance, the President’s Gala is held every year to officially celebrate the donors. 

With many being alumni and/or past faculty, they huddled around with drinks and hors d’oeuvres supplied by catering and spoke of old times. Among the attendees was one of the first women to graduate from St. Norbert College. 

Before descending into the Mulva basement for desserts, Pres. Brian Bruess ’90 addressed the room with a brief speech: 

“Today, our entire focus is to invest in the student experience – to offer an increasingly more sophisticated and impactful educational experience to improve already exceptional outcomes! Teaching and learning – that is our focus.”

Once in the basement, students representing Green Knight TV showed off the Mulva Studio and demonstrated the use of green screens, camera equipment and the Adobe Suite. GKTV is an organization on campus that produces advertising for other clubs, such as Dance Marathon, and promotes creativity among its members, providing a space to learn and experiment.

“The studio has really been a sort of home base for Green Knight TV,” Kyra Kronberg ’20, President of GKTV, explained. “I love being able to show off what we do, as well as this cool thing students have access to in the library. There’s a lot of useful equipment in here we get to use which is super helpful. This space helps facilitate our creative process.”

Grace Beno ’21, a participant in the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, also presented her zine. A zine is a small, self published booklet intended for distribution. She wrote and illustrated the graphic novel “HOUND,” following a dog in his journal to the underworld. Beno’s zine will be available for purchase as a part of the “Why We Collect” exhibit. Aug. 26-Sept. 21, 2019, in the Bush Art Center’s Baer Gallery. 

The President’s Club Gala recognizes the importance of its donors, without which, St. Norbert College would not be nationally ranked number 127 in liberal arts education.



The President’s Club Gala | Erika Ditzman

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