Disney Remakes: For Money or Magic?

HEIDI SWANSON | ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST In 2010, Disney released its first live action remake, “Alice in Wonderland,” starting a trend of remaking the classic movies. Live action films like “Cinderella,”  “Maleficent,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Jungle Book” have already been released, with movies like  “The Lion King,” “Mulan,” “Aladdin,”  “Dumbo” and  “Lilo and… Read More Disney Remakes: For Money or Magic?


ERIKA DITZMAN | OPINION COLUMNIST As one of the many symbols of Halloween, evil spellcasting women with long black garb, pointed hats and ugly green noses can be pictured, cackling wildly as they ride through the dark night sky atop their brooms. This sheer nonsense about “double, double toil and trouble” portrays a very real… Read More Wicca