How Fast do Political Parties Change?

JARED GARTZKE | OPINION COLUMNIST In discussing political topics, I find it enjoyable when I get to discuss the speed that different political parties change. What I mean by “change” when discussing political parties is the different views that political parties put into their platforms, and how those opinions develop between elections. A lot of… Read More How Fast do Political Parties Change?

99 Reasons Why

ERIKA DITZMAN | OPINION COLUMNIST As the coming winter brings early nights and frigid cold, seasonal depression sets in among St. Norbert students who often isolate themselves to their dorms, too sick, sad and sluggish to leave in Wisconsin’s below zero temperatures. Here are 99 reasons to be happy during the most “wonderful” time of… Read More 99 Reasons Why

Polarization: The Problem and its Antidote

ALDO GONZALEZ | OPINION COLUMNIST  Our country is extremely polarized today, since it is all about the “us vs them” mentality in virtually every issue. When a controversial question comes up, we prefer to uncritically join our tribe, or the group which already agrees with our views. Also, today’s dialogues are replete with generalizations and… Read More Polarization: The Problem and its Antidote