Gun Control

EMILIE SMITH | OPNION COLUMNIST The recent shooting at the Florida high school brought into question something that had been pushed to the political agenda recently: gun violence. No matter your side of the political spectrum, everyone can agree that the event was a tragedy. Injuries, deaths and the destruction of many lives is never… Read More Gun Control


ERIKA DITZMAN | OPINION COLUMNIST Censorship is defined by the American Civil Liberties Union as “the suppression of words, images or ideas that are are offensive,” happening “whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal, political or moral values on others.” Occurring on a variety of different levels, from the government and booming corporations to… Read More Censorship


EMILIE SMITH | OPINION COLUMNIST Given the recent political climate, immigration has been a hot topic, resulting in arguments between parties and a rather dramatic government shutdown within the last month. DACA in particular has been causing a great number of issues as President Trump is declaring it unnecessary and looking for ways to remove… Read More DACA